Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Has Bangladesh Banned Sachalaytan-Blog Forum?

It appears that Bangladesh may have banned one of the most popular Bangla Blog Forums called Sachalaytan. Sachalayatan readers and bloggers from Bangladesh have been denied access to the site for the last 24 hours. The Government Source in Bangladesh has yet to make any official comments about blocking Sachalaytan, a popular free thinking, secular and pro democracy writers' forum. Sachalaytan has already weighed in the possible technical glitches with its host company in the USA and any possibility for technical glitches has already been ruled out.

It is a tragic development that the military government has chosen to block access to one of the most progressive writers' forums without any official explanation and justification. It is night time in Bangladesh, we are hoping that more developments will come to light by tomorrow. We hope that our colleagues from all over the world will join voices to condemn the ban on Sachalaytan. The Bloggers and readers from Bangladesh are greatly shocked and moved by this incident. Had the Bangladesh Government really chosen to block a free on-line Blog forum, it would certainly be a huge mistake for its part. Let's hope that the military government in Bangladesh won't walk again backwards.

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