Monday, August 11, 2008

Bangladesh fails to restore CPA membership

Bangladesh fails to restore CPA membership
Source: Daily Star
August 11, 2008

Bangladesh failed in its appeal to restore its membership in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) as the parliamentary government has not yet been resumed.

Delegates at the general assembly of the 54th CPA conference in Kuala Lumpur voted against the appeal, according to a report released by the Malaysian based Star on line.

The report said Speaker Barrister Jamiruddin Sircar made the appeal against the decision of executive committee of the CPA to place it in abeyance since April 7 last year pending the resumption of parliamentary government.

The committee placed the Bangladesh branch in abeyance as its branch ceased to function as a parliamentary body.

The Parliament of Bangladesh was dissolved in October 2006 and polls were scheduled for January 22 last year. However, the election was postponed pending reforms to the political and electoral system and the caretaker government announced that voting would be held by December this year.

In a statement, the executive committee said it was likely that the parliamentary government would resume in 2009 and it would then be able to return the Bangladeshi CPA branch to full active status.

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