Saturday, August 23, 2008

When A War Criminal Visiting USA

This the image of an evil - another Radovan Karadzic of Bangladesh. The only difference is unlike Karadzic, Abul Kalam Azad, an Islamist war criminal of Bangladesh was not in hiding. As a high profile "Islamic scholar" he is in the limelight in Bangladesh and for the last few years has been conducting Islamic theological program for a notable private television in Bangladeshi capital, NTV.

The same Abul Kalam Azad was a cold blooded murderer in the year 1971, when Bangladeshi people were fighting against brutal Pakistani occupational army. Azad was alleged to be directly involved in bringing Pakistani army in Faridpur district's Nagarkanda's Thandia village where the marauding army went on rampage and a killing spree. In one incident, the Pakistani army killed eleven unarmed civilians. Abul Kalam Azad was also alleged to rape two women. In 2001, Daily Janakantha published the testimonials of the victims tortured by this notorious Rajakar in its daily, no action was taken against him as the BNP-Jamat axis came into power. Here are the links of the articles published in Daily Janakantha in 2001:

(1) A graphic testimony of how Abul Kalam Azad tortured Bangladeshis in 1971
(2) Bangla Channel put off his broadcast
(3) Land lease that he lost due to protest

Now Abul Kalam Azad is on a Islamic tour in USA. He is supposed to stay in this country for at least two more weeks. Today, that is Friday, the 22nd of August, he was scheduled to deliver khutba (Islamic sermon) and was supposed to lead Jumma prayer in the most influential Bangladeshi mosque in Jamaica, New York. When the news of his program spread to the community, there was tremendous outrage and resentment among many Bangladeshi-Americans. People against his mosque participation argued with the mosque committee against his appearance and the argument went on till midnight. Ultimately, it was decided he would not lead the prayer, nor would he be allowed to deliver Khutba. This afternoon [Friday, the 22nd], the killer of 1971 quietly came to the mosque and prayed the Jumma prayer with others. Nonetheless, he was allowed to speak a few words. Not surprisingly, he did not stay in the mosque too long.

The Islamist war criminal of Bangladesh, Abul Kalam Azad did not have any problem getting U.S. visa. He is quite lucky to be born in a country, whose majority of the population are the most apathetical bunch of people of the world. His current U.S. schedule involves touring Michigan, Minnesota and a few other states where he would definitely give sermon on spirituality and godliness.


Jubair said...

whoever wrote this article is a complete Idiot. What's your name? You have no facts here, just hatred. Get a life.

Bangladesh Generation Next said...

The writer is undoubtebly one of those who still dream of communist revolution and when ever they see a Bangladeshi Islamic Person shining and progressing in Life...the have no real argument agaisnt them and then they Bring the Old good weapon or "War Criminal" which they use to label any one whom they don't like!!

This is baseless lie about one of the honroable Public character of Bangladesh....

The writer is Horroble in Compsition and is supporting his point with Facts...May our Lord Allmighty Guide him

Anonymous said...

The most unfortunate saga of a country named Bangladesh is, it is the only nation on earth where people opposing its independence or individuals directly involved in rape, loot and mass murder are the elites of the society. Is it because they use the name of Islam to get away with murder?
The religion brokers are giving a bad name for Islam. These hypocrites should be exposed to the world.
Deshi Voice and other forums are doing a good service to the humanity. When the Karadzics of Bangladesh brought to the International Criminal Court?

Tanvirul Islam


During 1971, my father(Ex-graduate within field of Medicine fm Calcutta)sought for refuge along with our whole family after being chased by Razakars/Albadr in the month of May despite of determination to stay in BD.We can't able to forget those days ever though we were five yrs old.We returned 20th of december and watch their henious act.Some of their grand sons settled well in US where their grand father were brutally killed.Today these Razakars are within our society as an Islamic scholar. SHAME....within era of globalisation.Let's us shake them by gathering chronological evidences and publish accrd'ly.

Khairul Bashar said...

I am pasting excerpt from an article, "April 1971: 'Recalling Massacres of Those Days in Faridpur'" by Rabindranath Trivedi.
My question to the readers is, do you think this infamous Bachhu Razakar aka Maulana Abul Kalam Azad is more conscientious than the Paki captain who committed suicide?
Believe it or not, it was happened, a Pakistani Army Captain Jamshed who commanded the massacre in Faridpur from April to July’71 had to beg divine mercy and ultimately commit suicide before the altar of Lord Jagatbandhu’s main temple of the Sree Angan just a few days before Pakistan Forces surrendered to Joint Command of Indian Army in Dec.1971.Capt Jamshed was burried in the Sree Angan (near pond of the Shiva Temple) by the Razzakar and Bihari Muslims, Probodh Kumar Sarkar, a Freedom Fighter of Faridpur told me recently. It may be mentioned here Captain Jamshed who had torched the main temple, killed the Brahmacharees and desecrate the holy place became lunatic before his unnatural death. But why he committed suicide before the altar of the main temple of Pravu Shri Shri Jagatbandhu Sundar? Was it a dictum of destiny or maledictions of divine power? ===