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Politicians or Army?

Politicians or Army – Who is Responsible for Hindering Bangladesh?
Monsur Ibrahim, USA

Since the emergence of army backed Caretaker Government (CG), our army chief on many occasions has denounced the politicians and held them responsible for all the bad things and hindrance since last 35 years. According to Lt. General Moeen U Ahmed, politicians have been the root of all evils. Let us analyze the facts and see if Gen. Moeen is telling the truth.

Under Whom Bangladesh spent most of its life since 1972?

During last 35 years since our independence, Bangladesh has been ruled and controlled from cantonment for long 26.5 years and yet we are hearing that politicians are responsible!

Emergence of Moeen Uddin Ahmed as the most powerful person
Mr. Moeen Uddin Ahmed, an employee of the republic has been giving us many lessons since his emergence as the most powerful man behind current CG government. His emergence was described in USA Today (1/11/2007) as, “With more than 60,000 troops on the streets enforcing a state of emergency suspended the fundamental rights of citizens. The move came hours after the president met with the chief of the army staff, Lt. Gen. Moeen U Ahmed, at the presidential palace.” Since then the CG has done some excellent work and won hearts and minds of common people but gradually nation started to see CG’c controversial face and is getting skeptical about the role of army.

First Political Government (1972-1975)
After the independence of Bangladesh in Dec 1971, Bangladesh was ruled by politicians for 3.5 years till some army people killed the then president in Aug 1975. Since the language movement in 1952, emergence of Bangladesh has a long history of political struggle for rights of Bengalis. The ultimate liberation war was also done under political leadership who won sweeping mass mandate in 1970 election. The life of the first political government of the nation was cut short by a spree of killing from army people whom Mr. Moeen represents. Unfortunately, we would like to remind Mr. Moeen U Ahmed that it was army who interrupted a political government in 1975.

Ziaur Rahman – another Army Officer ruled from Cantonment: (1975-1981)
After the killing of 1975, soon Ziaur Rahman took over Bangladesh’s rule as the Chief Martial Law Administrator. Zia, also being an employee of the republic took over power, formed Jagodol and then BNP. Though Zia was apparently financially honest, he bribed politicians and broke almost all political parties with the aim to ‘divide and rule’.

We would politely like to re-remind our army chief Lt. Gen. Moeen U Ahmed that Ziaur Rahman, a fellow army general like him illegally invaded the political arena and made the politicians corrupt by bribery and blackmailing. It was an army officer (Zia) like him who rehabilitated all anti-state and anti-Bangladesh politicians and made one of them Shah Aziz nation’s prime minister. Can we ask a simple question to Mr. Moeen? What happens to a new free nation when you bring back people in power who not only opposed the freedom of that nation but also fought against it? How do you expect progress from them who didn’t want a Bangladesh to born and tried every means to abort its birth? Mr. Moeen, it was Ziaur Rahman alias “the army” who imposed that unfortunate event on this nation.

Mr. Moeen U Ahmed, it was Ziaur Rahman alias “an army officer” who rewarded the killers of a president by providing diplomatic jobs and passing indemnity law. What morality would you claim for preventing justice and rewarding killers? Politicians didn’t do that but a man from “Army” did it. Just to remind you that last year during Zia’s wife’s rule, a higher court in Bangladesh declared Gen. Zia’s taking over power and entire regime ‘illegal’. Mr. Moeen, would you blame politicians for an army general’s illegal role?

Ershad - Another army officer ruled from cantonment (1981-1990):
After you (army) killed your army general Zia, came another army Gen. Ershad. Mr. Moeen, again in the history of our nation, army intervened and took over. The second martial law administrator initially talked about fighting against corruption but ultimately was totally drowned under corruption. Most of Zia’s ministers joined him and he too ruled Bangladesh from cantonment for another nine years till end of 1990. This army general not only got involved in financial corruption but also in moral and ethical corruption. Mr. Moeen, It is your (army’s) another general who was financially corrupt and got famous as womanizer. What moral lesson army gave to the nation via Gen. Ershad? He was not a product of politics but a product of well disciplined army. Mr. Moeen, again, would you blame politicians for this army General’s corrupt and characterless role?

Ershad for the first time spread the corruption among army at all levels. He appointed retired army officers as chiefs of all corporations and semi-autonomous bodies and allotted them civil plots. Mr. Moeen, we would also like to remind you of the incident when expensive watches were smuggled under Defence Purchage (DGDP) invoices during Gen. Ershad’s regime. The brave custom officer who challenged the boxes and opened them to discover that DGDP was smuggling watches, were shot dead at his residence on the same night. Mr. Moeen, this didn’t happen by civilians but by army. Would you blame politicians for such corruption?

Mrs. Khaleda Zia: General’s wife’s rule from Cantonment (1991-1996; 2001-2006)
After Zia and Ershad, Bangladesh was again ruled from cantonment in two and a short term for another 11 years by Mrs. Ziaur Rahman – wife of the army general who formed BNP. Backed by cantonment and army, Khaleda showed immense power and defied all democratic norms. In her latest term she gave us the worst possible rule in the history of the country. Instead of going into unlimited details, here are few examples of her arrogance because of army backed power.

Per constitution, President is number one in protocol followed by Speaker and then Prime Minister – irrespective of form of government (parliamentary or presidential). The day Khaleda took oath as Prime Minister (PM) for the first time in 1991, the then PID chief Mr. S…. went to her residence with the national flag to hoist it. Per constitution PM gets a particular size of flag which is smaller than what President and Speaker gets. Khaleda demanded the largest size assigned (by constitution) for the President. PID chief wanted to explain the constitutional provision but only got yelled at. He came back and returned with the largest size assigned for the President. This is how wife of this army general backed by cantonment damned our constitution on the very first day just after taking oath.

“Shapla” is our national flower and President used to use “Shapla” monogram in his car. Ministers get a monogram with Bangladesh’s map. The second desperate violation of constitution after taking oath as PM was done by Khaleda Zia as she started using the monogram assigned for President dam-caring constitutional provision.

We saw Khaleda’s immense strength and power from cantonment backed by army. She as opposition leader drove to Tongi Ijtema through airport runway but didn’t allow another opposition leader Hasina to drive even via cantonment. She lived in cantonment but blocked Hasina from visiting patient in combined military hospital and a relative in naval residential quarters. Where did she get all these power? Today when army withdrew its support and not standing behind Khaleda, she is almost a ‘zero’. That proves army was behind her power. Her husband Gen. Zia gave indemnity to 1975 killers in the army and she gave indemnity for approximately two hundred extra judicial killings done by army during “Operation Clean Heart” in 2002. Mr. Moeen, are politicians responsible here or the one in the cantonment and backed by army is responsible? Who gave her a blank check so far?

October 2006 violence in Paltan:
Mr. Moeen U Ahmed, you have categorically mentioned and criticized the incidents of October 2006 where supporters of BNP-Jamat and 14 party alliances fought each other killing 4 people. You mentioned that as “uncivilized” and we agree. One group came out with fire arms and other group with bamboo and wooden sticks and this kind of situation is unwanted. But Mr. Moeen, these people were civilians and not very civilized. Isn’t it fair to look at self before criticizing others for the same crime? This is what I am referring to:

Mr. Moeen, army is an educated, civilized, well trained, disciplined and organized force. Nation spends a huge amount of tax-payer’s money to train army who has a very secure life with housing, subsidized ration, logistics and all kinds of support. Shouldn’t we have high expectations from such a force? Mr. Moeen, would you please answer some of my following questions:

Army is supposed to be the most disciplined force. Why there were 19-21 coups in your (army’s) well disciplined force against Gen. Ziaur Rahman? Why army killed each other indiscriminately during each coup? Do you remember the killing of air force officials during Japanese plane hijack? Why your civilized army killed one another?

Does it look better or worse than Paltan incident?
It is the army Mr. Moeen who killed two presidents Mujib and Zia. It is the army Mr. Moeen who killed innocent men, pregnant women and kids on Aug 15, 1975. Mr. Moeen, how civilized was that? Only during Zia’s regime, an approximately 3000 soldiers were killed fighting each other. What did the nation see from our well organized and disciplined forces? Does that look worse than Paltan incident? We do not support violence but before criticizing a civil political unrest and giving politicians a bad image, shouldn’t you at least see what example your army has set to the nation?

New Brand of Democracy
Bangladesh's army chief Moeen U Ahmed said on Apr 01 that the military-backed interim government would build a new brand of democracy to overcome the country's chronic poor governance. Mr. Moeen, thanks for recognizing chronic poor governance but please do not forget that 26.5 years of it came from army and cantonment. The army backed CG initially has done some excellent job and earned hearts and minds of people. BUT nation gradually started to see the samples of new brand of democracy. Here are some examples:

Sample-1: Per Mr. Moeen, politicians didn’t contribute anything positive during last 35 years but his army backed CG has appointed a politician Mr. Moinul Hossain as law and information advisor. This politician has a long history of being friends with army and we have seen that in 1971, 1975-1981. Being a politician, he is now the mouthpiece of army backed CG. In recent past this unethical pro-army politician represented fraud justice Faizi’s case in the high court.

Sample-2: Though this is not an elected govt., per barrister Moinul Hossain, govt. will decide who will be the party chief for various political parties. Per him, govt. will decide who will stay in the country and who won’t be able to stay in the country. Mr. Moeen, if this is how your ‘new brand of democracy’ will work, we are sorry because by all standards it is called unheard extreme “autocracy”.

Sample-3: When Sk. Hasina wanted to come back to country to face her extortion case, Gen. Matin – another hybrid ‘moral’ army officer called Sk. Hasina and Awami League secretary General MA Jalil and requested that Sk. Hasina does not return hastily but as per her normal schedule. Even after govt. filed murder case against Sk. Hasina, Gen. Matin said there is no bar for her to return to Bangladesh and there is no pressure for Khaleda Zia to go abroad. The very next day government issued a press note barring Hasina’s return and requested all foreign airlines not to carry her. When journalists asked Gen. Matin about what he said the day before, Gen. Matin replied, “I told that yesterday and that doesn’t mean its true today”. Mr. Moeen, we do not need this brand of ‘new democracy’ as this portrays your backed government as a liar, dishonest and cunning government. This example set by your new brand of democracy is worst than any commitment made by any crook political government anywhere in the world.

Sample 4: Your have appointed a brilliant Inspector General of Police (IGP) who promised us of revolutionizing one of the most corrupted police forces on earth. We are not complaining about what action he took against Kohinoor Mian for inhuman crimes but we saw examples of our revolutionized police force under your “new brand of democracy”.

Sk. Hasina went abroad informing our foreign ministry. Awami League leader Mr. Nasim has been arrested and is in custody. Police submitted charge sheet of the Paltan murder case showing both these leaders as absconding. On one hand, govt. is putting barrier so that Sk. Hasina cannot return, on the other hand govt. issued a warrant against her for not showing up in the court. Same is with Mr. Nasim. He is in custody and it was the responsibility of the police department to produce him in court, instead he has been shown absent in court and a warrant has been issued against him.

Gen. Moeen, we don’t have language to praise these absurd activities that we have seen under your “new brand of democracy”. Should we say shame on IGP because he bowed to your desire? Your (army) backed government did not allow our police to act independently rather imposed the decision and compelled them to do it. What is the difference when other governments that you criticized used to influence and compel police to do what they wanted? What improvement are you showing to us? Is this also the sample of “Independent Judiciary” that your government claimed to have implemented? Why the magistrate even didn’t have the guts to ask that Mr. Nasim is in jail and why you are showing him absconding? He simply issued the warrant because you desired it. Mr. Moeen, if morning shows the day, your samples of ‘new brand of democracy’ has already shown us what the nation can expect from you and your backed government.

Finally who is responsible- Army or Politicians?
So, we can see that in the history of last 35 years, Bangladesh was controlled by army and cantonment for long 26.5 years. Politicians ruled only for 8.5 years. Mr. Moeen, whom should we blame for the hindrance of our nation? One doesn’t have to be a political scientist to see the facts. Mr. Moeen, with all due respect, it was unfortunately the army and the illegal intervention of army into political arena that hindered Bangladesh time and again. It was the army and cantonment that interrupted the activities of politicians.

This is what USA Today thinks about your government, “The state of emergency has raised concern in a country with a history of military rule. Two past presidents have been assassinated and there have been 19 other coup attempts in Bangladesh since it gained independence from Pakistan in 1971.”

Please do not undermine and wrongfully blame the politicians for your (army’s) activities. This time it was clear that with a fair election power would go out of cantonment, and again you (army) interfered and took over from behind. Why blame politicians when facts clearly show that it is the army who is intervening in political arena time and again and causing us the hindrance? Not to forget, it was the political leaders who gave us independence.

Bottom-line, we do not want anyone to dictate who should be our leader. Let people of Bangladesh accept or reject someone. Last but not the least; we do not want any Hamid Karzai or Noor-e- Maliki in Bangladesh.


Global Warming said...


General Moeen, I am wondering if your crews are better than those BANGI LEADERS! Or, if your soldiers are the same production as their antecedents who ofcourse had a long history of genetically incorrect-ness. So,there are 99% possibilities that your men are breeded,educated,experienced in the same way and method like those BANGIS. I think you have to upgrade them. Your force needs good moral training and ethics to serve and to give respect and honor to the citizens of Bangladesh. Don't you dare to claim that you are royals. Reformation of your force is badly needed before you put your hands on our civilians.

In those decades of injustice and corruption, Bangladesh meant Dhaka city only. Yes, it used to be like that. Rest of the country was ruled by very un- civic and ignorant thugs and low class officials.

In remote or rural areas the local elite, moneyed men , Government officials (who used to be almost equivalent to" section officers in dhaka") and so called patriot politicians without testicles, conducted their shows under the evil protection of all local Police Precincts. Law and order hardly existed in those days, I mean to say, only the mighty people got privilege and rights.

Dhaka hardly shared power, finance and true Government in an honest way with other territories of the country. None wanted to be transfered to Dhaka from interior districts and divisions. Question remains, WHY?

Allegations, pettitions hardly worked against the wrong doings of NGO/Health departments/AC Land/Police( brutality to the poor) and so on and so forth. There was no proper action against" Land Robbers".

General Moeen! Sir, You seem to be a good human being, a nicer person with esteem, dignity and integrity. May you be successful in your mission. Please go forward to establish true administration in each and every vicinity of Bangladesh.

Those very special LADIES must be banned to do politics in Bangladesh. Let them realize that they don't own Bangladesh and it's people. Please introduce a section of Law for them to not to run for the Office any more. Ask them where else they would like to drag and dump the public! They invested their femal face and most of all, the death and blood of their immediate ancestal persons to win the political buisness in Bangladesh. They made countless lords and leaders who just turned to act like pimps with male impotency.

The previous Governments did extremely shocking behavior with public's wealth and with the ownership of foreign aid and loan money to decorate their associates. They performed economical crimes in the channel of those narrow nasty nationalist leaders!

The good news is, finally the real picture of their horrendous administrative crime, loot and rob came to the views of public by the good sons of the deffence Team of the LAND.

The dark masks of the Gangsters became uncovered. The ethics and morality of General Moeen and his soldiers are so far excellent. General should come out with such an agenda so that dear Homeland never ever breed low lives and thugs to run future governments.

We, the suffering people had a long unpleasent journey in the past. We neither had childhood nor a smooth student life. We failed to bribe the officials to get jobs. In cruel hardship and reality, we had no choice but to leave the so called "liberated Bangladesh" and seeked immigration and naturalization in different countries.

In quest of liberty, to live like free men, to feed our families very tragicly we left our Father land since, our Father land was mysteriously sold out to the folks and gangs of Mujib and Zia! And alas! we were kicked out by the Governments of Bangladesh who gave us pressure in various fileds of life! Their mis-management compelled us to be desperate to findout alternate ways to leave our own country. Believe in me, it was not an easy task to leave our own families and homeland and to settle down in foreign countries. What a sad reality! Isn't it! What a funny and contradict meaning of the freedom of Bangladesh!

As discussed, in our harsh journey we lost lives, parents, children, brothers, sisters, kins! But life goes on and we hope to get a change in the administrative structure of Bangladesh. We wish for a change in the system and constitution which always worked against us, against our lives.

General Moeen! you must know that no true attempt was taken to rehabiliate the flood affected people and "under sea level" living victims. Countless premature death, in out side of Dhaka city, could have been prevented if proper steps were taken by the Management in control. Fact is, they did not want to solve the problems. Because disasters kept them in focus of the global media and made them rich and HEROES to get relief and fund over and over. On the other hand, the victims remained denuded and helpless.

Floods and disasters in rural areas could have minimized, people could have been rescued from dangerous places and provided with SAFE HEAVEN . But no such steps were taken previously, as no Government wanted to go out of buisness in solving problems for good. Even our media needed to be fed. Books, newspapers, Televisions, Radios needed to have topics on public's miseries.

Therefore , natural and artificial disasters occured without any fight and protest. None cared if neglected poor human beings suffer and die!

Mr. Moeen! any Bangladeshi would acknowledge , narrate, state and confirm that with the involvedment of the Land Commissioners and Assistant Land Commisioners of Bangladesh, some mysterious gangs digged out some' poles' from specific land areas and smuggled the same out to India for crores of BDT. Our Land commission with the help of India knew the locations, sites and maps of those' Poles'. Those 'poles' had components of killer missiles.

As of today, none investigated the afore-said matter and the then Government of Bangladesh acted as silent partner of such scam. Not only the poles but 'british- made' huge- large antique coins were smuggled out from Bangladesh too. Those coins could abort from under earth and water. I heard that these items had uranium substance and were smuggled for so called greater interests of making NUKE missiles. Get the Land commisioners and Assistant Land Commisioners about their such a "non-kosher project". I am sure some thing will come out. Help to investigate how those commisioners became filthy rich! The above crimes should not keep as military secrets or non-publish materials any more.

Corruptions, crimes and "Haaram- work" surely paid good to some people. Should they be punished for crimes against humanity!

Pandamic immorality in every organized department in the country leads to the understanding that there are more greedy officers than the needed dedicated ones. That's why , we see in illegitimate governments and in the administration of the remote areas, crimes are never ending issues. After the ending of older criminals the newer people are turning to crimes because of so called established systems, parties and manners of leadership.

Now I will write something about Bangla Bhasha and a crisis.
Bangla is in a stage of severe "BANG! The basic foundation and construction of the dear language is sinking in the oceans of INTERNETS and COMPUTERS. I think finally we came to a stage to say good by to Bangla Alphabet. People who wouldn't have anything to do with modern tech. and global buisness or life, would perhaps continue to write in Bangla alphabet in Bangladesh.

Neither Arabic nor Urdo could have won to rule over Bangla Language. English alphabet became the "winning buisness language'' and took over the language of the defeated people around the world.

We faught many battles, we destroyed one independent country and named another country as Bangladesh mostly for Bangla language. We used coarse language at ZINNA, at punjabis, at biharis But alas! we got big defeat from the same old west. Yes, the winner is ..... THE BRITISH LANGUAGE.

I think we still can do something to protect our fore- fathers style to write our dear language. Nothing we can do from abroad. Only Bangladesh Government can try harder to implicate some education to let people learn and write in "BANGLA HAROP" .....................

You see, "Survival of the fittest". Sorry to Feb. 21 of 1952! Sorry to salam, barkat, jabbar....... and a shame and defeat to the organizer of bhasa movement and the festival of 21st february.

You know, the Ottomans and or Turks also changed their ancient writting style and adopted English. But doing that what good they brought for themselves. Still they are considered as low class people in Europe.

I found it very weird when Hasina and Khalida administration taught our children to learn, use and write Bengali texts and emails in english alphabet. From the begining it's been very funny. For those children in language crisis, my advice is, please try not to write bengali by english alphabet. You wanna learn a foreign language buy a dictionary and learn how to form a sentence.

What are you doing! Are you trying to slap on our pure and rich "BANGLA"! Few words are ok but it is not fair to write the whole Bangla text in English. Isn't it better to learn English and then use english to write a text ! Or write everything in Bangla! What kind of writting style and method you are giving to our legendary language! This is odd and a wrong way to choke and break the bones of a language and it's culture.

I am afraid that in near future, Bangali people and their Governments will do the same thing as "Collaborator KAMAL PASSA" did for the Turks and for it's future generation. Kamal tried to be with the Europe but Europeans always suspect and disrespect the people with thick and huge mustache. ......



We see leaders in every political parties and groups, Government officers in every offices are designed and trained in a manner to carry on the evils , as well as to use, teach and educate the public with that . Crime became a source of income. None seemed to stop wrong things from the roots. Crime became an everlasting fact of life to get fortune and "good luck".

To be honest, I hereby admit that Ex President ERSHAD did a tremendous job to upgrade the living standard of the people of Bangladesh. His greatest achievement is un-deniable. The face of Bangladesh was changed during his time. The financial mecanism of the country was upgraded to be associated with the fast moving nations.

Bangladesh got a recognition, name and popularity in the world because of Ershad. Before him, people in the world hardly knew about the country Bangladesh. In all seven continents billions of people share their lives with the garments and attire of Bangladesh. It became possible because of Mr. Ershad's introduction and efforts to establish Garment industries. But alas! he had to work with same 'o' hateful leaders from A L and BNP. He could have taken brand new workers in his team.

Ershad gave lights and energy to the country side. Electrical supply in villages, Building of Roads and Highways through out country side, Division of power and creating millions of jobs, Building countless schools and colleges for the needs of the citizens; all were initiated and accomplished by Hussain Mohammed Ershad. The man was the right man for that moment of the history. None could cross his position as of yet.

What made Ershad great! It was because he paid interest in rural development. He was with the public in flood, in making new cities and towns to farther the civilization of MAGODH, AUNGO, BONGO, EAST BONGO, EAST BANGLA, EAST PAKISTAN AND at end BANGLADESH. What ever the artificial names of the vicinity been, the land remained the same as always. The truth is , only Shrewd, Cheap, Terror and Nationalist leaders keep changing the geographic names of same old country.

A country in no way can be breeded or made in any of the sleeping beds of modern miscreant leaders. The truth is, we always had identity , we always had a nation and we always had territory or country. Our anchestors were not homeless, nor, without a nation, nor, without being fatherered by some one. Our nation can no way be under estimated as new born. People who claim the nation as a newborn nation really contradict the fact. The corrupted thugs attempted to make our country as an artificial country! No artificial country can have true attachments with the past, neither can claim glamour and glory with the civilization. Our forefathers always had legendary history and we always been with the sky high Mount Everest.

Anyway, I was writting about the Dhaka Desh which , in various tricky ways incorporated other vicinities of the country, Bangladesh. All those thugs and gangster Governments made their base in Dhaka. Dhaka became their castle to do crimes. It would be very justified if their offices get locked up in Dhaka. If they lose control in Dhaka, chances are that they would lose in all over.

General Moeen! we are not defeated yet. As NIXON once said, " You are not finished if you are defeated, you are finished if you quit". Believe in me, we did not quit. Every day and night I remember and picture my beloved father's bullet pierced bloody dead body of april 8th 1971! Like me, there are countless and or millions of millions others in nation wide. Mr. Moeen you got our strong support! Don't pay attention to those who have been shedding crocodile tears on 1971 without losing any body in 1971. They are imposters!

Sir! we are lack of a Leader. We hoped on many. But hope went in vain! In today's vital need, we want strong leadership from some one like you. Please don't disappoint us at this delicate state of emergency situation. Do the needfull, break their Temples from dhaka, isolate them, break their demon-hands and bones. Their politics should be banned for uncertain time. Put LOCKS in their offices! Keep them inside IRON BARS! Their reign of terrors must be stopped! They never been good for us! They are just worthless ignorent , criminals and bunch of greedy idiots! They wrongfully imprisoned us since 1971.

This is the right time to get them and question them "why did they orchastrated countless killings since 1971! How dare they occupied our fore-fathers LAND! Order them to return our lives, wealth and country! It's praise worthy that you caught them red handed and please force them to return us our country and freedom and prosperty! This is the best timing! I would say, now or never!

General Moeen! How dare they were licenced to run the Governments for Bengali People." What right of a wheel -wright to write the rite of a church". Those low lives are nobody! Please do the best to wipe them out and end their activities. We support you, we are with you! We hope that you would be that dedicated soul who can march forward to clean the country from their dirts and pollution!

Population is vast but resources are very limited in Bangladesh. Besides, the lion share of any source of income are being eaten by any Governmental or non- Governmental crews and bosses. The "money bag" of Bangladesh is being ripped of at the bottom. Therefore , what ever and who ever put money in that bag, that money rapidly run away from that purposely torned up place of the bag and the bag never fills up.

Un-touchable Goons never get punished. Some people always get caught and get exemplery punishment but that never change the system. In hanging 6 people can no way render justice to 15 crores of people and can no way stop future crimes. The system must be re-formed and re-designed so that none can find a violant way to fight for bringing peace and justice in the society. No one should be misguided by the society and administration. At the same time weaker, repented and surrendered captives do not need capital punishment or death sentence. Because when someone repents, doesn't need any extra punishment by any human Judge. You would know why? No one got right to cut someone's life short. It always should be in the hand of Lord of the universe.

Can anyone cite an example of a Government or of a leader who never stained own hands by the blood of the weak and un-armed captives. If someone dies in the battle field, that's different and that would be a fight of man to man! You, the people who go to the mosque, who claim to follow the great Prophet, are always engaged to kill un-armed Prisoners! We all should know" why". Shame on you! Open your eyes and see that in many Christian countries there is no capital punishment and it is forbiden there.

Most of the times, question comes in my mind " who are you"? -----Devils in human shape or" Munafiks" who takes eye for an eye and blood for blood. Define yourself people! Don't get angery because that fire of anger is also burning you alive. In killing others whom do you like to satisfy Muslims? Who is your GOD, Muslims? What teachings have you been following, Muslims? You must stop occuring capital punishment, Muslims?

I don't think that the present interim Government of BD is doing that good. Crime rates in Dhaka and in other cities are high. Govt. is aiming to dysfunction the political parties and to start civil disturbance only and I can smell WHY! Who knows what would come next! Few handful people are taking advantage with the help of military. Even some local elite are trying to steal My deceased Shaheed father's home which he owned in 1936 with valid deeds, documents, tax papers, was legitimate in previous 2 different rules and countries.

I failed to understand what kind of law the interim Govt. and court system are practicing. There are rules and obvious sections of law where noted that claims of certain matters must be denied or declined after certain period of time. How dare some looters are claiming false rights on our property after more 67 years! My father bought and built his home, sweet home in 1936 by means of his hard earned money as a soldier. He owned his property when our people even didn't record their marriages and properties and they enjoyed their homes and property with the oral authorization of the Zaminders. But my father documented his property's right, he paid taxes to zaminder, to Govt. of India and to Govt. of Pakistan. But now, how dare an amature army officer who is completely lack of legal knowledge, helping the miscreants! My fathere's home is his ICON but some greedy criminals from no where trying their best to rob that. Obviously, the thugs got their encouragement from present military's malfunction.

Shame on those military people, whose cowardly act was well noted and recorded by a Canadian General. Our citizens in BD got right to know what the Canadian General wrote about our military during the genocide in RWANDA, Africa. BD Military lost their credibility in RWANDA and they are also losing it in their own country with their own people. Shame, shame, shame!

Are your men are genetically defected too and illegite like those political BANGIS and leaders. One needs to have courage to give justice to others which your BANGI Military are lack of. These cowards already procured shame for the nation. It is getting clear about about BD Military's near future's intention. There are possibilities that they are orchestrating corruption cases of stealing millions of millions dollars by hundreds of Political leaders.

Mr. Moeen, remember, this isn't 1958 or 1981 to take over power in 1.2.3. Also, don't keep making unreal stories about some leaders getting popped up with tons of money. There are no money tree or dimond-mine in the world's poorest country. So, be careful on what you do than be sorry in future. If Army's corruption becomes an open secret and reach to a dead end, you even wouldn't have any way out. You still have time to go back to your barrack, far from Dhaka city. We, the people are more advanced than your soldiers and we possess more IQ than your IA passed majors. Now, people became global and the media industry, technology upgraded the people. So, show some respect to the people. That's why I am saying, if you can't do it right, go away from our sight! Do you have any sort of idea that our neighbors, USA or UNO can dissolve your force if they find corruption and violation of human rights! Do you know anything about human rights? Do you know what are the human rights? Don't just wear uniform, learn matters on people's rights and humanity.

We know very well about the cowardly acts of BD military of your's, from the book and memoir of General Romeo Dallaire of Canada. So, don't exaggerate and over estimate yourself. Sir, please be advised that we lost almost everything and we don't have any fear from you. So, don't remain as a threat to us and don't aim to be our master! If you can't do right thing, just don't do any more stupid thing.

Anonymous said...

Dear All,

It is so despairing to see such an article that is a blanket indictment of all members of armed forces of Bangladesh - active or retired. The piece could well have been written by some outsiders to undermine and create suspicion about the integrity of the armed forces of Bangladesh . To overcome the nightmare of the corruption one does not need this type of article that is propagated to express one sided view and sow the seed of disunity. The typical divide and rule policy of the colonial era cannot be allowed to be successful.

In most cases the armed forces were dragged into politics either by the circumstances or to counter treachery of some politicians who lacked the slightest sense of real patriotism. The violent irrational actions by a few cannot be used as pretext to blame everyone belong to the organization.

Let us look at the history of the creation of Bangladesh that started March on 7, 1971

(“ the current struggle is for freedom, the current struggle is for independence” – Banga Bandhu Sh. Mujib).

Role of Bengali Armed forces Officers and Men between March 7 and March 25, 1971

All offers by the Bengali officers to act in order to secure the goal of independence were brushed aside by the civilian political leadership saying in effect “we would call you when we need you”.

The strength of Pakistani Army on March 7 in Bangladesh (the lost opportunity)

It was only a Division that could have been overpowered by the 3 or 4 Bengali regiments if asked to do so immediately after the March 7 speech. Starting that day Pakistani armed forces carried out a massive transportation of man and materials that resulted in an addition of 5 more divisions soldiers used to crack down the “civil strife”.

Whose Call to Arms Resulted in Mass killing?

It was the civilian leadership who called for a struggle for independence and civil strife. It simply was not far sighted enough to see the impending military crackdown. So, who was indirectly responsible for the loss of so many lives? This massacre could have been avoided by asking the Bengali member of the armed forces to block the reinforcement and by taking over the main communications centers. Why was the civilian leadership so silent or hesitant to take the advisors of the military officers seriously?

Who Staged the Armed Revolt after the mass killing?

Without the knowledge or consent of the civilian leadership, the Bengali members of the armed force did act after the report of initial mass killing was well known. They had to take up arms against their Pakistani peers on their own. Where were the so called “leaders” at that time?

Who Organized the Early Declaration of Independence :

It had to be arranged by the Bengali members of the Pakistani armed forces. No one can deny the fact that if the mutiny or revolt by the Bengali officers and men in uniform did not take place Bangladesh would not be independent today.

The Role of the Mukti Bahini:

It is needless to point out the role of the Bangladesh Liberation Forces that were spearheaded by the men in uniform who survived the initial onslaught of the Pakistani Army. Once again, without this forces divided in various sectors headed by Sector Commanders who reported to Gen. Osmani, the birth of Bangladesh would not have been possible. The Bangladesh Armed forces are simply continuing the same legacy.

Creating and Abolishing of BAKSAL:

Who did you think was responsible for creating this one party system? Without going into the details, it took a bold army leadership after 3 bloody carnages before this one party system was abolished and multi-party democratic system was introduced. So, please ask yourself, which one was better - the creation of BAKSAL or abolishing it?

Martial Law and “Ruling from Cantonment”:

Both Gen. Ziaur Rahman and Ershad formed civilian political parties that ruled the country. The armed forces were not used to run the civilian administration. If they resided inside the cantonment then it did not automatically mean that they were using the armed forces to run the country. There were Chiefs of Staff of Army, Navy and Air-Forces running their respective organization completely independent of civilian administration. Both the generals were ruling the country as civilians and by the constitution. Apparently some people do not understand the difference between active duty army personnel and the retired ones.

Gen. Ershad’s Fall in 1991 and The Army (an example):

It was precisely because of a courageous action not to intervene in Bangladesh politics by the Lt. Gen. Nuruddin, the Army Chief of Staff at the time which resulted in Ershad’s final downfall. Isn’t this proof enough that Gen. Ershad’s “Rule from Cantonment” is simply a myth. Wasn’t this role by the armed forces to help undo his regime an admirable action in the context of Bangladeshi politics.

Abortive Coup of 1996 and the bold actions by the Armed Forces (another example):

It was the members of Bangladesh Army who prevented the abortive coup of 1996. Lt. Gen. Nasim was prevented from taking over the civilian administration by the army. It was done under the leadership of Lt. Gen. Mahbub . One of the current advisors Maj. Gen. Matin played an important role in quashing the coup. Sh. Hasina was directly involve in instigating the coup by regularly talking to one Maj. Gen. Helal Murshed and some other officers involved in the coup. So, ladies and gentlemen, do you see what was taking place in Bangladesh ? It took bold actions of courageous people from the armed forces to undo the mischief of the civilian politicians.

36 years of Corruption and the Current Administration:

Who do you think we should support - the corrupt and failed civilian politicians or the current administration supported by the members of the armed forces under the able leadership of Gen. Moinuddin who were bold enough to step forward and help confront the corrupt system? Aren’t you glad that somebody has the guts to say “enough is enough”.

The duration of the Military Rule:

The duration of the actual Martial Law can only be considered as military rule. Such duration in the past was short could only amount to a maximum of 5 years out of 36 years of history. For all practical purposes it was the civilian administration that ran the show all the time irrespective of who headed the administration.

The Corrupt Govt. is the Reflection of the Corrupt Society:

The above is true irrespective of which political party is in power. Before we blame one segment of the population or the other we should think about the extent of corruption in the Bangladeshi system. The collective responsibility is for everyone to bear. The general mass, the educated professionals and the armed forces should not have tolerated this situation for so long. They should have acted much sooner. I hope the process of check and balance would continue for all the years to come.

With best regards and best wishes to everyone.

Dr. M. Kalam, Ph.D.

Sqn. Ldr. (Retd)

Ex. Sub-sector Commander

Sector No. 8

Bangladesh Mukti Bahini