Monday, November 12, 2007

Barister Mainul defends War Criminals

Barrister Moinul Hossain embarked once again to save the Jamati war criminals. Yesterday, he came out in defense of Jamati war criminals as he refused to admit that the Government could play any role in trying war criminals as they're mandated only to hold election. He sounded like the Jamati leader Mujahid who earlier blatantly refused the existence of war criminals that opened this whole war crime debate. Shamelessly, Barrister Moninul has kept defending his Jamati colleagues from the war crime trial. Listen this BBC Bangla news coverage from today:

New Age reports,

About the demand for trial of the war criminals, Mainul said that question should be raised whether those who had been in power but did not take any initiative for the trial of war criminals during the last 36 years, should be punished on that ground.

‘Those who are now demanding trial of war criminals should wait for another one year to let the elected government take up the matter as 36 years have already elapsed,’ he said.

‘We are not that foolish to be enticed by those who are raising the issue as a ploy to hinder the election process … our main task is to ensure free and fair elections,’ he said.

BDnews reports,
Dhaka, Nov 11 (—Law and information adviser Mainul Hosein has said the main responsibility of the caretaker government is to hold "proper" elections. "The government has been carrying out a lot of additional activities, besides efforts to hold a free and fair election," Mainul told reporters at the Press Information Department Sunday.

Asked if his government will open trial of war criminals, the adviser said: "Why are you asking us? Why don't you put this question to those who avoided the issue for the last 36 years? You've waited so long, why don't you wait for another two years?"

Replying to a query on the release of some businessmen detained earlier on different charges, Mainul said: "If the politicians take to stealing and robbing, what will the thieves and thugs do? It is difficult to distinguish between politicians and businessmen."

"After the Truth Commission bill is approved, businessmen won't have any problem getting bail, if they confess," Mainul said. He said the government moved to set up the Truth Commission to revitalise the economy. "We should not assume that everything will be all right as soon as the elections are held by 2008," the adviser said.
Daily Star even didn't report Moinul's comment on war crime issue as it covered the news conference. Barrister Moinul's daily the New Nation even didn't cover this story which recently ran a commentary in defense of Jamati war criminals. Barrister Moinul's adventure in defense of Jamatis will be only short lived as he, too, will be placed in the dustbin of history.

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