Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin on War Crime

Source: VOA Bangla

Listen the interview (Bangla)

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In an interview with VOA Bangla Service, Dr. Ahmed Ziauddin, an expert on International Law and Director for Center for Bangladesh Genocide Studies in Belgium said that the government of Bangladesh should take initiatives for the trial of the War Criminals of Bangladesh.

Dr. Ziauddin, a lawyer, said that there are provisions both in Bangladeshi law as well as International law to bring the perpetrators of war crime to justice.

Dr. Ziauddin refutes the claim made by General Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami, one of the Islamic fundamentalist parties accused of committing war crimes in Bangladesh that there was no war criminals in Bangladesh. He says that people who either committed the crime or assisted in carrying on the crime or were apathetic in resisting it deserve to be brought to justice.

Dr. Ziauddin said while he welcomes Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed’s recent comments that if cases were filed and crimes were proven against the war criminals of 1971, government will not deter to punish, he also feels that it is the duty of the government to initiate the cases and take initiatives in punishing the criminals. He also said that parties who exploit religion for political reasons should not be allowed to participate in Election and Bangladesh Election Commission should bar them from getting registered as political parties.

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