Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cyclone Sidr News Update

Please join us to look through the news coverage on Cyclone Sidr in Bangladesh for last 24 hours. These headlines and the contents reflect the wide range of world reactions from the most sensitive to the least sensitive one.
  1. ABC News: U.S. Aid Arrives in Bangladesh (Video)
  2. ABC Australia: Desperate struggle for survival
  3. BBC: Bangladesh makes fresh aid plea and Video link
  4. Bloomberg: UN grants aid to Bangladesh
  5. CBS News: Trail of Destruction (Photo feature)
  6. CNN: Bangladesh appeals for more aid and Video link
  7. Global Voices: Bangla blogs seek aid for cyclone Sidr
  8. International Herald Tribune: In Bangladesh: Picking through Pieces
  9. Khaleej Times: Reach out to Bangladesh (editorial)
  10. Los Angeles Times: Banding together for Bangladesh
  11. Newsweek: Challenges for Aid groups
  12. The Times: Bangladesh begs world for more help
  13. Time: How Bangladesh survived a cyclone
  14. Washington Post: Tales of tragedy and horror
  15. Google: Latest news on Cyclone Sidr

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