Monday, December 3, 2007

Documentary on Tajuddin Ahmed

Here is the documentary on Tajuddin Ahmed, the first Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Tanveer Mokammel produced this documenatary movie. Here is the 3 part series of the movie from youtube.





Proshno? said...

I watched the 3 part documentary yesterday. It's extremely well done. Finally, TM has produced such a great piece on our first Prime Minister.

However, its sad to find tt no longer avilable for viewing anymore. That's sad. It should be distributed for FREE so that our generations know about this great leader of ours, Mr. Tajuddin Ahmed. I hope and pray that the video will be made available for us again on the net.

Deshi Blogger said...

True, I think it's been taken off from you tube. Sorry for the inconvenience.