Monday, December 10, 2007

Rajshahi University Professors released

Has the army backed CTG finally backed down from their earlier position as they released the University Professors of Rajshahi? Dhaka University Professors are going to be released very soon. It's a good sign as the army is showing that they are restrained and they're heeding to the educators and students. It has become clear to us who's running the show as the university officials have recently met the military leaders once again over the release of the university professors and students. We'll hold our joy and celebration until democracy returns in Bangladesh. Read this breaking news from Bdnews24:
President Iajuddin Ahmed has pardoned the four Rajshahi University teachers serving jail sentences for inciting campus unrest after their wives filed clemency petitions, secretary at president's office Md Serajul Islam told Monday.

Earlier in the day, law and justice adviser Mainul Hosein told by telephone that steps were underway to release the four DU teachers also detained over the unrest that raged on for days through educational institutions across the country in late August.

"The appeals of the jailed RU teachers for pardon have been forwarded to the president's office after taking care of the legal process involved. I hope the president will grant the pardon officially in a day or two," Mainul said.

On Dec 4, a Rajshahi court sentenced management teacher Moloy Kumar Bhowmik and mass communication teachers Selim Reza Newton, Dulal Chandra Biswas and Abdullah Al Mamun to two years in jail for inciting student agitation in late August.

"The government doesn't at all intend to detain university teachers. Since there have been cases filed against them, the government will have to legally clear them after they appeal to the government for absolving them of the charges pressed," the law adviser said.

"Education adviser Ayub Quadri is taking measures for the release of the detained Dhaka University teachers as well. I hope he'll soon resolve the matter properly and acceptably."

The four detained Dhaka University teachers are DUTA president Professor Sadrul Amin, general secretary Professor Anwar Hossain, social sciences faculty dean Professor Harunur Rashid and applied physics and electronics department Chairperson professor Nimchandra Bhowmik.

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