Monday, December 17, 2007

Call for Justice in Bangladesh

Come Freedom...Come.
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Bangladesh has never seen this much popular demand echoed in its history to bring war criminals to justice. Is it real? Or it is another ploy to hide the misdeeds of the current military miscreants? Apparently, this misgiving stems from the recent developments in Bangladesh as the army is relentlessly trying to float a king's party to advance and defend its political interests. The current uproars for trying war criminal Jamatis have so far failed to put any dent on the army backed Caretaker Government's firm position as they're seemingly unmoved. Even the Government has backed down from its earlier position to try war criminals. Barrister Moinul Hossain clarified that it's not their role to try rajakars. The caretaker government has not even allowed a freedom fighter to bring a sedition charge against collaborator Jamatis. What a shameless face of an army backed caretaker government!! It can bring fabricated charges against university professors and students to put them in jail to satisfy arrogant army generals, when it can not try the jamati rajakars who evidently collaborated with the Pakistani army to kill three million innocent civilians.

We would like to share with our readers the documentation of Jamati news paper Daily Sangram (their on-line version is currently off the shelf) that consistently ignited hatred against freedom fighters in 1971. This documentation is presented at the courtesy of Suchinta that documents Dainik Sangram’s Role in 1971. As a primary move for reconciliation, the Government can immediately move to sanction Daily Sangram for its horrific role in 1971 and transfer its ceased property to Freedom Fighters Welfare Trust. Dainik Sangrm, a Jamati daily, preaches fundamentalism and hatred in Bangladesh. It evidently acted against our land and our independence as the documentation shows how this paper acted against Bangladesh. Dainik Sangram should never be allowed to come back in an independent Bangladesh. Why don't we start with this small step by banning Daily Sangram today? Bangladesh has been waiting for too long to bring the Jamati criminals to justice. It's never too late, if we can take one simple step just today to heal this grieving nation as the nation once again witnessed the supreme sacrifices of our freedom fighters.

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