Thursday, February 15, 2007

An Open Letter to Dr. Yunus

It's been obvious that Dr. Yunus is now entering into Bangladesh politics. He's looking for public opinion on his open letter that he wrote to public. It's been reported that he's received an overwhelming amount of positive public response. A concerned citizen of Bangladesh has recently written an open letter to Dr. Yunus. Will Dr. Yunus even dare to respond to this open letter to prove his straightforwardness? Please read this letter that has drawn huge attention among Bangladeshi readers:

An Open Letter to Prof. Yunus

Dear Dr. Yunus,

You have already placed yourself in history as the 1st Nobel Prize winner from Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh have accepted you as their pride. Apart from all bad things in Bangladesh, you gave us a good name. We feel proud for you. You definitely can join in politics, if you want to. BUT I have concerns about the technique, means and the timing you chose to be in politics. In response to your recent open letter to people of Bangladesh, I have following questions to you:

1. In your entire life before earning Nobel Prize, we never heard about your interest in politics. How can a person who wants to do good for the nation was silent so long? Does that mean our country was going in correct direction until recently?

2. You were silent even during major incidents in our country that threatened democracy and politics. For example, the August grenade that killed all major leaders of a political party. This was criticized by almost all nations including United Nations. 22 people gave life and many became crippled for life. How come someone who claims to do good for the nation remained silent at that time? How can anyone sensitive to politics did not utter a single word about it.

3. Apart from all other killings, the brilliant son of the soil Mr. ASM Kibria was killed. Again all major head of the states including U.N. secretary general condemned the attack. Even U.S. senators and congressmen time and again urged for bringing the killers to justice. How come a person like you did not say a single word about it? According to our religion, if you do not protest an injustice, your faith (Iman) is very low. Another Nobel laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore said, one who does injustice and the one who tolerates it both should receive your hate".

4. Dear Prof. Yunus, your letter to public seeking opinion is very strange to me. In a country with 9 crore (approx) voters, how many responses would you take as "Yes".

5. Most importantly, we do not know your formula or layout of a "Dream Bangladesh". How can we give opinion when we do not know how you will lead us and achieve for us a "Dream Bangladesh"? You didn't give us a guideline how you will improve our poverty, unemployment, education, crime, law & order etc. You won Nobel Prize doesn't tell us what you will do in politics.

6. Look at our football and cricket teams and the movie industry. We are still far behind in world arena. Since you won Nobel Prize, should we also give opinion that you play football and cricket for us, or do acting in movies? We cannot, and similarly we cannot give our opinion if you should be in politics without knowing your political formula, layout, norms and beliefs for politics.

7. You recently said all political leaders are corrupt. I would like to know your evaluation for Sheikh Mujib who spent 15 years of his life in prison and gave us freedom. I would like to know your opinion about Maulana Bhasani who always stood for oppressed people. I would also like to know your opinion on army generals turned politicians Generals Zia and Ershad. I need to know your evaluation before I can give my opinion about you in politics.

8. You recently said, we have to come out of old political trend and need a new party. Do you mean there will be only one party i.e. only your party in this country and no AL, BNP, JP, LDP, Jamat and others?

9. We do not know your political feelings as you were not involved in any of our major national political events; like our language movement and war of Independence.

10. Why are you making all your major statements about joining politics when you are visiting India? Any particular reason? Do you feel more homely in India?

11. Most amazingly, during your recent Delhi visit, you said you do not want to be a president, as president has no power. At least we know from your statement that you want power. Is your politics for achieving power or for welfare of people? Gandhiji and Maulana Bhasani achieved a lot in politics for people without going to power. Why cannot you be like them? People would then worship you.

Dear Prof. Yunus, if "morning shows the day", your morning on politics did not show anything promising. It is you who openly supported Justice M.A. Aziz and his partisan election commission. People called them clown and you gave statement that we should accept them and go for election. It is you who supported prof. Yazuddin as the chief of caretaker government and recommended one sided January 22 election. Dr. Yunus, I get worried when I see a man like you so much against people's sentiment, so much without principle. I am scared to recommend you for politics based on what you have shown so far. I didn't see you have a vision for the future of our nation. Your suggestions would have led us into bloodshed, anarchy and civil war. How and why should I convince myself that you will do good for the nation.

I thus cannot give my opinion. I wish you join politics and go to people from villages to villages. Please tell them what you want to do and how, and then see if people want you or not.

Thanking you and with regards,

Monsur Ibrahim,
Florida, USA


Anonymous said...

Your letter just shows how frustrated you feel when you see public going for Prof. Yunus which kills possibilities for the "Nasty Party" Awami League.
(Of course, B.N.P, J.I, J.P -all are nasty)
But you seem to be promoting for Awami League.

Just one thing Bro, Staying in Florida with a secured future life wont let you understand how much annoyed people are indeed with those Bustard parties.

All your questions to Dr. Yunus has good answer.
Go to,
Read carefully.

Good luck!!

Eklavya said...

I am not sure, if he joins politics then his stature may go down , since in politics you have to be political

Anonymous said...

ইউনুস আমাদের খালেদা হাসিনার নিম্নমানের চোদনের বদলে উন্নত চোদন দেবেন। আমেরিকার কে ওয়াই জেল মাখানো মোলায়েম চোদন। আমরা টেরও পাবো না।হালকা সুড়সুড়ি লাগতে পারে।