Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Barrister Moinul Hossain Caught

Please watch this video and then read the following excerpt:

Salam Dhaka writes on June 25th, "I was watching NTV news over the weekend when something interesting happened. The press core asked superman Barrister Mainul Hossain why Jamaat secretary general Ali Ahsan Mujaheed was allowed to go to Turkey when he too is charged with murder?

The confused barrister asked "Who is he? I don't know him" and looked to his right
asking his secretary to answer the question.

Another reporter reminded him that he was the secretary general of Jammat!

This goes to show that this is a very uncomfortable topic for the great barrister, like it should be...”

Yes, Barrister Moinul Hossain does not remember or recognize who Mujahid is. Yet, he sat with Mujaheed only 2 chairs away from him in Islami Chatra Shibir's Annual General Meeting in 2005. What a great liar!!! Indeed, he is the real Spokeperson for the Military government.


Anonymous said...

It's really funny. I read few week ago in a yahoo group about Moinul...here it is:
Do you know the background of Bar Mionul? I know a little bit, from another blogger, but information are true.

Bar Moinul Hossain (though son of famous Manik Mia & their ITTEFAQ was burnt in 26th March, 1971) was a DALAL of Pakistan in 1971 & both the brothers were with Paki Janta, they got new modern press for Ittefaq & got many govt facilities (but, such financial facilities was not got by another pro- Awami League daily, The People, office was behind the Shakura, at Sahbag, Dhaka, which was also burnt in 26 th March, 1971).

But, in 1972, as a respect to the contribution of late famous Manik Mia, Bangabandhu gave nomination of Awami League (like to Mr. Faizul Haq, though his controversial role during 1971, Sheikh Hasina gave him nomination of Awami League, as a sign of respect to the contribution of late famous Sher-E Bangla).

But Moinul has done a lot of bad things after 1972 also (I have some proof) and became an covert agent of CIA & left Awami League.

After brutal killing of Bangabandhu, Moinul joined the "Democratic League" (the party formed by killer Khondakar Mustaque, created after 15th August 1975), like late Obaidur Rahman, Shah Moazzem, Dr. Osman Ghoni (notorious zero "O" Ghoni, father of Ex BNP minister culprit Dr. Osman Farukh), late Peer Dudu Mian (RAZAKAR), Nurul Islam Manjur, Late Iqbal Ansari Khan and many other betrayers and Paki, RAZAKARs.

You can well remember how we shattered & spoiled the 1st meeting of "Democratic League" at Dhaka of killer Khondakar Mustaque at Baitul Mokarram and killer was luckily escaped. After his death, Bangalee did not allowed (tried, but failed) any JANAZA at Dhaka (though he spent 95% of his life in Dhaka) of killer Khondakar Mustaque.

Then he joined BNP & was leader of BNP's lawyers association.group etc and competed in Bar council election from BNP panel/group. He had very close relationship with another culpprit Ex BNP Minister, BNHuda, now in jail.

His personal & family life is also disastrous. His daughter was married to a Malaysian boy in 2000 and then separated in 2002; I read that news in a Kualalampur newspaper, when I was in Malaysia.

There were armed fight between two brothers on the ITTEFAQ issue and couple of people were killed. Some cases were going on in court! So, I do not know, on what ethical & moral ground, he became an adviser of the present CG?

Anwar Hussain Monju's wife also lodged "suspected or attempt or planning of murder" case against Moinul's son, last year, complaining that he & his armed GUNDA may kill them!

That is why, last year Moinul went to see Sheikh Hasina in SUDHA SADAN and it was heard that he requested for the nomination from Awami League for his son against his own Brother Anwar Hussain Monju's seat. But Sheikh Hasina did not made the mistake that time.

Have you seen how many times he lied and gave controversial statements as an adviser of present caretaker Government?

SUSHANTA said...

What a caught! Thanks a lot.

এনায়েতুর রহীম said...
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প্রকৃতিপ্রেমিক said...

Its a 2-year old video, dude! How come the talkative Barrister will remember he sat with Mujahid! ;)

Anonymous said...

Barrister Moinul Hossain - somoyer sahosee sontan. You guys are desparate to degrade him because of his bold role against thieves and looters.

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