Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bogus-Boo in German media

picture : talking about the globe, knowing nothing

July 4, 2007, a red letter day when journalists around the world were enjoying the fact that BBC journalist Alan Johnston was freed. The world media was shaken by this happy news. The whole globe was showing respect to the journalist who risked his life to uphold freedom of expression. On the same day in a german media called deutsche welle listeners experienced the height of unprofessionalism.

The host of Asia Compact program Grahame Lucas didn't know about Alan Johnston story or even anything of the current world or Asia. He confidently read months old news about the earth quake of Solomon Islands and so on. May be DW appoints deaf and dumb journalist like Lucas who even didn't feel that he was assassinating the credibility of a renowned German media Deutsche welle. Asia Compact was a 15 minutes program and as Lucas doesn't have any idea about the news world, didn't bother to beg an apology within that 15 minutes. We don't know how DW is going to survive with such irresponsible journalist. When listeners have got ample options around why will they waste their time listening to the cock & bull story of Lucas.
The choice is very clear here. Either you respect Alan Johnstom or you forget Grahame Lucas.

Can he get away only with this:

"Dear Sir,Thank you for your mail. You are are absolutely right and I apologize for the mistake unreservedly. As a result of human error under the pressure ofa breaking news story and a misunderstanding in the team an old news text went into the production process. The mistake was not noticed until it wastoo late. The error was corrected for the later version of Asia Compact. We will review our production process to make sure this does not happenagain. We hope that you will continue to listen to the programme and look forward to your feedback in future.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Kind regards
Grahame Lucas
Deutsche Welle Radio "


Sajib said...

hi, this is Sajib from melbourne, Australia.
I also listened this program as a regular online listener. I was quite surprised the way he presented himself. even he has removed the news clip after a while and till today they did not put any excuse or even apology on that purpose.
I am more surprised for not seeking any official apology than transmitted old news.

thanks for bringing this fact onto public.

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Addabaj said...

It's really an interesting posting. Could you please update us about the feedback from DW Radio if you receive one? Thanks!!

Soheil Arman said...

how come in such international media like DW, this kind of unsmart, irresponsible person is authorized to read a news!
Its shocking!!

-- Soheil Arman,
Toronto, Canada