Friday, July 27, 2007

Jamaat's Involvement in Arms Dealing

Written by: Imran Faruk
Long ago, there was a Bengali movie গোলাপী এখন ট্রেনে (Golapi is now in train). There was a popular song in that movie, "হায়রে কপাল মন্দ, চোখ থাকিতে অন্ধ"[translation: what an illfate someone has -- can not see even with good eyes] This seems to be most appropriate with comments made by the Communications Advisor to the current Caretaker Government of Bangladesh Major General (retired) M.A. Matin regarding not seeing corruption by senior Jamaat leaders.

With all due respect, if we may point out one incident. Ten trucks of arms and ammunitions including grenades and AK 47s were seized in Chittagong during BNP-Jamat tenure. Those arms were unloaded in a very secured government dockyard under Minister Motiur Rahman Nizami. No one can use that dockyard without permission of the concerned ministry and at that time Motiur Rahman Nizami headed the ministry.

It was alleged in many newspapers that Salah Uddin Quader Chowdhury's ship seen anchored in deep sea carried those smuggled arms from Pakistan and was unloaded at Nizami's dockyrad. It was further reported that those were carried from Pakistan and was heading for use of ULFA rebels against India. The Indian intelligence agency RAW officially informd Bangladesh Government about it and they had to capture it. Mysteriously, no big shot was charged and Nizami was not even interrogated.

This incident may be very simple and harmless to General Matin but people do not agree. How come neither Nizami nor anyone from his ministry was not even interrogated? The majority people of Bangladesh may be poor but not dumb.


Anonymous said...

Yes, 'the majority of the people in Bangladesh may be poor, but not dump'. However, you proved yourself a dumb. You posted the article without any proof, and seeing everything through your colorful glass.

Nazzina said...

Anonymous (at July 27, 2007 5:12 PM), and you are the dumbest of all the dumbs.

Anonymous said...

Mr/Ms. Anonymous Dumbest, What proof you need. Read the newspapers of that time and see what they reported. This Nizami said in parliament, "there is no Bangla Bhai, its a creation of Media?" Go to Sangsad bhavan and request for records. You dumb, what is the proof that Fakruddin is the chief of our government now? What is the proof that army chief said that this govt. will uproot corruption? Pl. go infront of a mirror and say, I am the dumbest

Anonymous said...

Gen Matin is a Jamaati in disguise ; so is Moinul Hossain. So my dear country brothers and sisters, be prepared for another long fight for freedom.It will be long but it will happen. I can assure you.If you are an anti Jamaati and love your country and its democracy , forget your defference and hold yourself tight and united.