Friday, July 20, 2007

DU teachers demand Mainul's exit

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Dhaka, July 29 ( – Dhaka University teachers Thursday demanded removal of law adviser Mainul Hosein from the caretaker government for making biased comments in the wake of the arrest of Sheikh Hasina.

Dhaka University Teachers Association approved a five-point charter in the presence of 200 teachers at a meeting, chaired by Professor Sadrul Amin.

The demand for removal of the adviser is in the charter, which makes the first call on the government to get him out of the job since it took office in January.

Mainul told at 11:16pm: "I don't want to comment on it. I don't give opinion based on the opinion of others."

He further said, "I expressed my views and they gave theirs."

The teachers demanded immediate freedom for the former prime minister from jail.

Security forces arrested Hasina at her Sudha Sadan home on July 16 in an extortion case, and a Dhaka court sent her to jail rejecting a bail prayer.

In the statement, the association protested an alleged move by the caretaker government to take Hasina, and another former prime minister, Khaleda Zia, "out of the political scene".

Teachers will wear black badges to classes Saturday in a symbolic protest against the arrest of Hasina and alleged harassment of Khaleda, the statement said.

The teachers decided not to join work for half the day on July 22. University exams will go on as scheduled.

The meeting also called on the government to return a democratic system to the country, clearing the way for general elections to take place.

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