Friday, July 27, 2007

Terrorist Patron got 31 Years in Bangladesh

Yes, finally BNP-Jamaat led four Party Aliiance Minister Barrister Aminul Haque got verdict. He is sentenced to 31 year jail in abstentia. Is this enough? Have you forgotten what happened in the last five years in Bangladesh. Have you forgotten the nationwide bombing in Bangladesh? Fundamentalist Jamaat and their Islamist friends have receieved huge patronage that promoted notorious JMB's terrorist activities in Bangladesh. Yes, Jamaat is left untouched as the current military government does not want to rock the islamic group as they may balance the power in the upcoming election. Listen news coverage from BBC:
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Read Daily Star's report (July 27, 2007)as the Judge explained: JUDGE'S EXPLANATION FOR THE VERDICT
Briefing the court before announcing the verdict, Judge Rezaul said it is well known that Bagmara was the centre of JMB's rise and there was a torture camp at the Hamirkutsa house of accused Korban Ali's father Ramjan Kaya who is widely known as a Razakar (collaborator of the Pakistan armed forces) during the Liberation War of 1971.

"Incidents of lynching people were almost open and common during the tenure of the previous [BNP-led four-party] alliance government and through such incidents the JMB militants not only took the law in their hands, but they expressed their no-confidence on the law of the land," the judge said.

"What the JMB militants had done in the areas on the plea of cleansing Sarbahara communist outlaws were no different from the deeds of these outlaws," he added.

About former minister Aminul and BNP leader Shish, the judge said the accused persons were influential in their areas and the militants continued their brutalities following direct and indirect patronisation of these two persons.

Referring to several verses of the holy Quran and Hadith, the judge said Islam is a moderate religion and it does not support any such torture and force on people to abide by the religion.

Executed JMB operations commander Siddiqul Islam Bangla Bhai had said in his statement that Shish Muhammad used to visit him and executed JMB chief Abdur Rahman in Bagmara during their "anti-outlaw" operations.

Bangla Bhai and his men also visited Shish Muhammad's houses at Tanore in Godagari upazila and Upashahar Housing Estate in Rajshahi city and Shish, also chairman of Mundumala municipality, gave the militants money, the statement said".

Yes, Barrister Aminul Haque is absconded. He may be watching his verdict from his hideout.

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