Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bangladeshi General at Florida

We are closely observing the story of General Moeen's denial on his bank loan for one core taka. We're highly recommending you to read these two posts:

Bangladeshi general's visit spurs protest

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Source: Palm Beach Post
(Picture Courtesy: Khabor)

Bangladesh has been under a state of emergency since January, when violence broke out ahead of elections. The elections were canceled, and the country's military now holds most power.

Critics argue that some of the top soldiers, including Ahmed, are using the anti-corruption push to arrest prominent politicians and vault themselves into the ensuing political vacuum.

The protesters huddled under umbrellas, waved signs written in English and Bengali and mugged for a Bangladeshi news crew.

The group called for the release of Sheikh Hasina, a former prime minister and daughter of the nation's first prime minister, who is in prison on corruption charges.

"This is a big setback for women in Bangladesh," protester Farzana Khan said.

Some people arriving at the club cheered or whistled. More gawked through rolled-up windows.

The military leader traveled to the county to visit relatives, including his son, a student at Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, said his brother Salam Ahmed.

He will return to Bangladesh today after delivering a speech at Harvard University.

"This isn't a political event," said Salam Ahmed, who lives in suburban West Palm Beach. "He's just coming to see me."

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