Sunday, October 28, 2007

Giti Ara Chowdhury: The New Godfather

Courtesy of: Shada Kalo

Dr. Mahbub Islam, a Ph.D. in Economics from Boston's Northeastern University and a tenured professor at St. Francis University in Pennsylvania moved back with his wife to Bangladesh a few years ago. He taught at a local university, and invested his hard-earned dollars into a realestate development company. He also built a building in Gulshan, and rented parts of it to Giti Ara Chowdhury and her husband. She is an adviser in the current CTG, and her husband was an MP in the BNP government. Mrs. Chowdhury has another identity: she is the sister-in-law of the chief adviser.So we have the Army's chief of staff, Gen. Moeen, and the CA, Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed, exhorting NRBs to invest in Bangladesh, while we have Mrs. Chowdhury, an adviser in the government and her husband violently attacking this university professor and trying to usurp his property.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! Mrs. Geetiara Safia must be termed as The new Godfather (Godmother!!!). I am surprised by reading up the miseries of a couple those who are painful victims of MASTANI by an adviser!

I personally know Mrs. Islam. She was citing me 2-3 months ago.. that i might be in trouble as i have sent a notice to my VIP varatia! The reality seems more than her prediction.

We have seen much changes are being happend during the last few months in BD, but we have failed to give-up the culture of power practice by the top ranking persons in Government!What changes the government has made up!

Mrs. Chowdhry is a part of current government, so government should take immediate actions to justify their neutral and bold positions!

It's a shame that the current governmet has failed to ensure security of a renowned professor and her wife!

Anonymous said...

It seems that in the present CTG, most of the Advisors are somehow related with the former BNP govt and the CTG's activities seems that they have a mission to set back the BNP govt again.