Wednesday, October 17, 2007

General Moeen at London

Bangladesh Army Chief, General Moeen U. Ahmed, gave an interview with Bangla TV in London on his way to the USA. Suddenly, Bangladeshi military leaders are rushing to the USA and United Nations to win the hearts of the West!! Gen. Moeen is scheduled to address at Harvard University on October 21st. Although he's travelling all the way to Harvard University from Bangladesh, we could not find any event at the Kennedy School of Government that highlights General Moeen's event on October 21st. Either this event is not published, or it's a closed event that the School is putting together very quickly!!

Watch General Moeen's interview at Bangla TV in London that tried to give the best icing on the army backed Caretaker government's success in Bangladesh. Who'll refute his claim with facts and numbers? Who'll ask questions about the army's poor human rights records? Who'll challenge the increasing militarization of the civil affairs in Bangladesh?


Potheek Aami said...

I would have asked only one thing. Why has the Jamatis been out of reach?

Proshno? said...

I contacted Harvard University/JFK School of Govt's. Communication/public relations department to get clarification about a possible appearance by General Moeen at some forum or conference there on the 21st of October. Guess what, they searched but couldn't find the scheduling of such. Is this purported appearance for real or an attempt to prop up Moeen's so-called Harvard credentials? Or maybe they have rented space at JFK to hold a gathering of dictatorship sympathisers?