Friday, October 19, 2007

The Cat is Coming out of the Bag Now...

Is it true? Yes, slowly the cat is coming out of the bag. Yes, it's only possible in Bangladesh. BDnews24 reports, (New York, Oct 18)
General Moeen U Ahmed said Wednesday it could be easier to tackle the situation prior to January 11 if there was a national security council. "If there was such a council it would have been possible to maintain balance in the administration in tackling the situation before January 11. If the common people are asked 90 percent of them would not want to go back to pre-1/11 situation."

How could a national security council ensure a fair election in Bangladesh when the ruling BNP-Jamaat Allaince made the EC and CTG very partisan and ineffective? Has any one been charged to make the previous CTG a failure? Has anyone reviewed the partisan acts of the previous Election Commission? No, and most likely not. We enjoy to be oblivious about all the facts that led the political uprising in January.Interestingly, now the Army Chief demands a national security council comprising of the army personnel that could prevent all the political turmoil!! Indeed, only the Bangladesh Army holds the key to all the troubles and challenges that took place in January when BNP-Jamaat arrogance and autocracy led the country to absolute political instability.

Remember the best quote of the Army Chief General Moeen U. Ahmed in April when he said Bangladesh democracy fails. BBC reported at that time: "We do not want to go back to an elective democracy where corruption becomes all pervasive, governance suffers in terms of insecurity and violation of rights, and where political criminalisation threatens the very survival and integrity of the state," Lt Gen Moeen U Ahmed told a conference in the capital Dhaka".

Yes, the cat is coming out of the bag, will soon take the hat off, too.

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