Thursday, October 4, 2007

Declining public support

The donor community in Bangladesh is actively trying to prop up this civil society government in the midst of a declining public support. When this goverment took over, their popularity was at an unprecendented 90%.

Sources inside donor agencies say that the level has been dropping alarmingly. This is giving some hearburns to the donor community and the western powers that's trying to keep a good face on this military government.

According to reliable sources, the popularity of this military government dropped almost 25 points after the arrest of Sheikh Hasina. This was shown in a Transparency International poll that was done.

Another huge problem is the loss of confidence of the business community.

Organizations like Asian Foundation use local partners to do polling in Bangladesh. Asian Foundation is funded by U.S taxpayers. Other organizations like DFID, TIB are also engaged in public opinion polling.

Americans are very sensitive to public opinion. The rapidly declining public opinion in the midst of unnecessary clampdown, hushing up the media and harrasment and torture of civilians is making Bangladesh look more and more like a Burma in the making.

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