Sunday, October 21, 2007

Medical Care for deteined University Professor

Dhaka, Oct 20 ( -- Ayesha Akhter, wife of detained Dhaka University teacher Anwar Hossain, has claimed that her husband did not receive proper medical care during his detention in Dhaka Central Jail.

In an open letter released to the media Saturday, Ayesha said her husband's ear had developed a fungal infection due to the unsanitary conditions of the jail building he was originally held in.

She also reported that Dr Anwar had been feeling severe pain since Oct 3 and had become partially deaf in his left ear, but had yet to receive proper treatment.

"My husband, with some other teachers, were given division in jail one month after their arrest, although they were kept in a cell for convicts until that time," Ayesha said.

"Dr Anwar contracted the ear infection from the dirty walls of the old jail building. Although he was feeling severe pain from Oct 3, he was not sent to the specialist physician at Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University hospital until October 11," the letter said.

The detained academic's wife said she came to know of her husband's condition following an Eid-day visit. She added that her husband and the other detained teachers had now been transferred to the newly built Rupsha Bhaban at the central jail.

Dr Anwar's wife said her husband resented the way his statement to the media following his court appearance had only been partially aired. He is reported to feel that it portrayed him inaccurately.

The letter continued: "Dr Anwar, as a guardian of the students, spontaneously offered an apology for any assault on members of the army by students."

"He did not do so out of weakness or to get pity. He wanted to ensure that the unrest did not in any way hamper the process of handing over power to a civilian government elected through fair, neutral and acceptable elections."

"It is sad that arrests continued despite Dr Anwar's apology and the chief adviser's assurance to withdraw 82,000 cases against the students and limit the number to 36."

"Dr Anwar told me to tell the government, the army and the public that steps must be taken to ensure the army returns to their barracks with dignity. They can do this by handing power to an elected civilian government through a general election."

Ayesha's letter added that steps need to be taken for the release of all detained teachers and students throughout the country and ensure their proper treatment.

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