Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Political skunks are back!

It appears that Bangladesh has already exhausted all the democratic steps as it's turning the wheel to make democracy redundant. After floating the concept of "Truth Commission" to provide a perfect rehab for the corrupt businessmen, it’s now proposing “Unity Government” to bid farewell to democracy and party politics. The army backed Caretaker government is trying to boost hand picked political transformation in Bangladesh through institutionalizing a “Unity Government”. Army has already found its foot soldiers like Badruddoza Chowdhury, Kamal Hossain and General Ersahd to float and advance the concept of unity government. The question remains unanswered why do we need unity government? Who has authorized them to float unity government instead of a democratically elected one? Is this the beginning of the departure from traditional democracy? Is it a new form of democratic sandwich for Bangladesh that was proposed some time ago?

Vandalizing the very concept of democracy in the name national unity is contrary to democratic rules, values and practices. It will only allow politicians to make deals and serve their petty political interests that has already plunged this country into political turmoil. It is no different from the military juntas of Burma, Thailand or Pakistan. The people of Bangladesh sacrificed so many lives for democracy over time that they deserve no less than a perfect democracy. If the army-backed Caretaker government were really committed to democracy and election, it would not have brought back the political villains to recreate another autocratic government in the name of unity or national consensus. Haven’t we seen the military dictators Zia and Ershad’s “Yes” and “No” referendums for grabbing political power? Condemn and stop these political skunks who betrayed with people’s free will for autocratic rulers in the past. They have come back once again to fool the people. Read B Chowdhury calls for govt of national consensus for 10 years:
President of Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh (BDB) Prof AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury yesterday called for a “government of national consensus” for next ten years comprising all democratic and patriotic political parties that believe in common development programmes.

"In order to bring peace and prosperity in our country and to prevent hartal, demonstrations, damage of public property and bloodshed in the post-election period, we need a government of national consensus for at least ten years," Badruddoza Chowdhury said at an iftar party at city's Sheraton Hotel.

The former president arranged the iftar party in honour of leaders of political parties and civil society and diplomats.

Political party leaders including Awami League (AL) acting President Zillur Rahman, Jatiya Party (JP) chairman HM Ershad, Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) President Hasanul Haq Inu, and BNP leader Lt Gen Mir Shawkat Ali appreciated his proposal of bringing unity among the political parties.

In his speech, B Chowdhury urged the political parties to end politics of hatred, retaliation, violence, killings and lies and also refrain from attacking processions or meetings.

He also called upon them not to spread hatred against national leaders of the past or present for political gain.

"Politicians will finally form government and rule the country. Politics cannot run without politicians and political parties," he also said. He hoped that the present caretaker government will hand over power to an elected government by 2008. B Chowdhury urged the government to allow holding council meetings as well as public meetings and organising political parties.

AL acting president Zillur Rahman told the journalists that it's a good proposal. Unity among the political parties is essential for the nation, he added. HM Ershad in his reaction said division between the political parties should come to an end.
He said unity among the political parties is necessary for the country's economic and social development. When asked about the “government of national consensus,” he said “It's a new idea. We need to discuss it within our party."

UNDP Resident Coordinator Renata Lok Dessallien, former adviser to the caretaker government Rokia Afzal Rahman, AL leaders Abdul Hamid and Tofail Ahmed, Jatiya Party acting Chairman Anisul Islam Mahmud, BNP leader Zahiruddin Swapan, Workers Party President Rashed Khan Menon, Krishak Sramik Janata League Chief Kader Siddiqui, Secretary General of Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh Maj (retd) MA Mannan and editors of different national dailies attended the iftar party.

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