Thursday, January 10, 2008

Amnesty calls for immediate release of DU teachers

Dhaka, Jan 10 ( – International human rights watchdog Amnesty International Thursday demanded immediate release of the four arrested Dhaka University teachers.

"AI calls for their immediate and unconditional release," AI secretary general Irene Khan told a press conference at Sheraton Hotel.

The Fakhruddin Ahmed-led caretaker government arrested four senior DU teachers, including Prof Anwar Hossain, general secretary of the Dhaka University Teachers Association, and Prof Harun-or-Rashid, dean of the Social Sciences Faculty, Dhaka University, following antigovernment demonstrations and agitation in August last year.

AI protested the arrest and prosecution of Dhaka and Rajshahi University teachers, Khan said.

Later, President Iajuddin Ahmed pardoned the five RU teachers.

"Amnesty International considers the four DU teachers, now on trial, to be prisoners of conscience and calls for their immediate release," Khan said in a written statement to the press.

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