Monday, January 21, 2008

DU Professors and most Students are cleared

Breaking News: Court freed Dhaka University Professors and 11 students in one of the cases. Hearing is continuing right now. More updates are to follow:

Dhaka, Jan 21 ( — A Dhaka court cleared four Dhaka University teachers and 11 students of charges Monday in one of the cases filed against them in connection with the August campus rioting at DU.

Judge Md Habibur Rahman Siddiqui of the Dhaka Metropolitan and Speedy Trial Court handed down the verdict on the case acquitting them of the charges.

The same verdict sentenced the four absconding students in the case to two years in prison and a Tk 1,000 fine each.

The judgement came after the government Thursday submitted a written appeal urging the court to fast-track the trial of the teachers and students.

The teachers are Dhaka University Teachers Association president Professor Sadrul Amin, general secretary Professor Anwar Hossain, social sciences faculty dean Professor Harun-or-Rashid and applied physics and electronics department chairman Professor Nimchandra Bhowmik.

The charges involve violations of emergency rules during days of Aug violence on Dhaka University premises.

The chaos began when some army people beat a university student during a football match in the university. The melee that later spilled over onto the streets and elsewhere in the country continued for several days.