Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Meeting Tarique Rahman

A reliable source very close to the intelligence community of Bangladesh confirms that DGFI hanchos Brig. Amin and Brig.Bari have been meeting with Tarique Rahman under the disguise of "remand" recently. They have been pressing Tarique to forget the past and consolidate the party so the right wing can be brought back to power if there are elections.

Tarique has been recently been taken into remand a few times. This was to sit down and discuss strategy with DGFI rather than to do any questioning on charges.

Note that no cases have proceeded against Tarique Rahman as of yet.


Taaseen said...

Who ever came up with this news obviously wanted to make a connection between BNP and this Military Government. In other way, he wanted to say Awami league would be kept out from power in the upcoming election. Your deceiving roll just came to a hault and proved your news outrageous lies after Tarique Rahman himself said he has been tortured. The video footage picture has been published in the local daily. He also got a court order against this so called remand.

Anonymous said...

DGFI wants BNP back in power. There is no doubt about that. They need reconciliation with Tarique for that.