Saturday, January 19, 2008

General Moeen at Tritio Matra

Watch forty five minute long interview of General Moeen at
Channel I:

Read an in-depth analysis on General Moeen's interview at Tritio Matra published in Bangla at Sahcalaytan

Dhaka, Jan 19 (—Army chief General Moeen U Ahmed, referring to the caretaker government, said Saturday "the train that derailed is now back on track" and now "an efficient driver is required".

On the army's role in this regard, Moeen said: "We are working as the crane in service of the government to take the train to its destination."

In an interview on Channel i talk show Tritio Matra aired Saturday, Moeen said the problem started in 2006.

"The army did not want to get involved with the 1/11 (changeover)."

"But not even animals have to die like people died on October 28, 2006."

The country must not be pushed into the path of destruction, the army chief stressed.

Mentioning the role of the political parties on Jan 11, 2007, he said: "It's the failure of the political parties. They have a lot to answer for."

On the present government's success, Moeen said: "The identification of corruption as the foremost malaise and keeping it under control is the government's success."

On the failure of the caretaker government, the army chief said: "I would not call it failure. Prices increased due to floods, cyclone and higher prices in the international market."

Emphasising food security, he said: "We have to increase production. We have to bring in hybrid seeds."

Whether the government was monitoring corruption by those within the government itself, the general said: "I am sure the government is alert about it. It will not allow that to happen."

On the recent resignations of five advisers, Moeen said the advisers resigned for their "personal reasons".

"The government wanted to bring dynamism in its actions."

Asked why institutional changes had not occurred despite changes of personnel within different institutions he retorted: "How do you get reforms if you don't have a right person in the right place?"

"First you have to place efficient persons. Then they will bring in the institutional reforms," Moeen said, citing the Election Commission as an example.

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