Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Celebration after Professors Release

Watch the following news coverage after the release of Dhaka University Professors:

Bdnews24 reports:
Prof Anwar Hossain, one of the three teachers convicted by a Dhaka court and later pardoned by President Iajuddin Ahmed, said: "This verdict is not only against some teachers of Dhaka University. It is against the whole Dhaka University community, the conscience of the nation."

"I did not want to come out of jail. Then the jail authorities tried to force me out as per the Jail Code. Later they informed me that all students would be released by tomorrow (Wednesday)."

"Nobody can gag the voice of conscience. We will join a teacher-student-guardian solidarity rally at the Aparajeyo Bangla tomorrow."

The teacher said he would narrate the picture of alleged torture in custody to the national and international media.

"We did not do any injustice. We protested injustice."

Prof Anwar thanked the members of the families of detained teachers for standing by them and supporting them with courage and patience.
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