Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Breaking News: Four Advisers Resigned

Channel I News Coverage:

BD News24 reports,
Dhaka, Jan 8 (bdnews24.com) – In a dramatic turn of events, law adviser Mainul Hosein, health adviser ASM Matiur Rahman, power and food adviser Tapan Chowdhury and industry adviser Geeteara Safiya Choudhury resigned Tuesday.

The chief adviser's press secretary Syed Fahim Munaim told bdnews24.com that the advisers cited "personal reasons" for their resignations. He said the swearing-in ceremony for new advisers would take place Wednesday.

Munaim did not name the new advisers, who are meant to fill vacancies on the technocratic government.

Geeteara told bdnews24.com that she submitted her resignation letter to the Cabinet Division around 2pm Tuesday. She did not disclose the reason for her resignation.

The resignation of Mainul was confirmed by his wife Saju Hosein.

Mohammad Iqbal Hossain, public relations officer for the power ministry, confirmed the resignation of Tapan.

At 5pm, health adviser ASM Matiur Rahman confirmed the news of his resignation.

"I worked for the nation and am still working. I will work in future as well. I will keep working when and where I get a chance to do so."

"In the past, I was in a different place. At present, it is another place. And I will work in future from where I will be assigned to."

Asked to explain why it happened, Matiur said: "No power is permanent."

Earlier at 4pm, Matiur said he did not resign, after he was asked by reporters to comment on media reports on his "resignation".

Later he told bdnews24.com: "What you have heard is true."

Cultural affairs adviser Ayub Quadri was the first to resign his post on the Fakhruddin administration in Dec 26, taking the responsibility for the loss of rare artefacts from Zia International Airport.

The resignation was on "personal grounds", the adviser initially told bdnews24.com by phone. Later, he said: "I made hints of resignation when I talked to reporters the other day."

Quadri had earlier said he must take the responsibility for the lost artefacts as the head of the cultural affairs ministry.

Mainul has often been accused by the media and the public of making outrageous and inconsistent comments on sensitive political topics.

His remarks came at a time when the caretaker administration says it is committed to holding a free and fair election by year-end.

Mainul told a private television station Monday that the Fakhruddin Ahmed-led government would live up to its pledges that include curbing corruption and delivering a flawless democracy through a credible election.

He also said that some vested groups were trying to push the government into trouble, but did not elaborate.

Tapan also drew flak for his recent comment that the government has nothing to do with runaway food prices despite the prices have doubled since the emergency administration took charge in Jan 2007.

Geeteara on Nov 13 termed the fertilser crisis that prompted nationwide protests a 'myth' created by the media and the farmers unwilling to queue up.

Whether the resignation of the four advisers stemmed from policy or personal differences with colleagues was not immediately clear.

Please follow the following links for more updates. E-Bangladesh has put some new likely names as new advisers:

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