Saturday, September 8, 2007

Army- backed BNP:

Army backed BNP faction under expelled leader Abdul Mannan Bhuyia is trying to float. Their faction will survive as long as they enjoy tacit backdoor support from the Bangladesh Army. People may not have forgotten that LGRD ministry under Mannan Bhuiya was one of the most corrupted ministries in Bangladesh under Begum Khaleda Zia. Yet, Mannan Bhuiya and his gang will be spared as the Army needs them for the next go round. They kept violating the political ban in Bangladesh. This is a perfect example that shows how the Military influences political arena in Bangladesh. Read the rest of the news from the New Nation published on September 6, 2007, that will specifically tell you who else will enjoy immunity from all the corruption charges under Mannan Bhuiya's umbrella.
A number of senior BNP leaders and former MPs yesterday extended their support to and expressed confidence in the leadership of party Secretary Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan, who was expelled by party Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia immediately before her arrest on Monday.

They made this public at a meeting held at the Gulshan residence of Mannan Bhuiyan in the evening yesterday.

Responding to the support extended to him, Mannan Bhuiyan said, "We are the main current of the BNP. All democratic, honest and dedicated leaders and workers are with us."

He said most of the party leaders and former MPs extended their support to the reform proposals he had announced to free politics and the party from, what he said, corruption, criminalisation and dynastic control.

The former deputy of the former Prime Minister Begum Zia admited that the BNP lost public confidence during its last five-year rule due to massive corruption perpetuated by the dynasty, which controlled the Government, and its henchmen.

He called upon all leaders, former MPs and workers as well as supporters for freeing the BNP from dynastic politics, corruption and criminalisation.

"To restore people's confidence and uphold its image, reforms are necessary in the BNP," he a meeting of BNP leaders and workers, who gathered at his Gulshan residence compound to express confidence in his leadership.

Referring to his expulsion by Begum Zia, Mannan Bhuiyan said he was expelled at a time when he is the most popular person in the party.

"I have been in politics for 35 years and Serving as Secretary general for 11 years. I did not give time even to my family. Even then I have been expelled and my primary membership has also been cancelled," he regreted.

Mannan Bhuiyan vowed to carry on party reforms and strengthen the BNP by mobilising true followers of Ziaur Rahman. "Imbibing with the ideals of Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman, BNP will again stand on its feet and form the Government," he told the meeting.

About 300 senior and mid-ranking leaders, including over 50 former Ministers and MPs were present at the meeting under a canopy.

BNP leaders AHM Mofazzal Karim, Mayor Sadek Hossain Khoka, former Minister Major (Retd) Hafizuddin, expelled Joint Secretary General Ashraf Hossain, former MPs Sardar Sakawat Hossain Bakul, Zahir Uddin Swapan and Tasnim Rana also addressed the meeting.

Party's senior leaders Chowdhury Kamal Ibne Yusuf, Major General (retd) Z.A. Khan, Prof Rezaul Karim, Maj Gen (retd) Mahmudul Hassan, Asadul Habib Dulu, Dr Ziaul Huq Molla, Engneer Fazlul Azim, Shahiduzzaman Beltu, MA Wahab, Nazir Hossain, Mosharraf Hossain Mangu, SA Sultan, Masud Arun, Mafiqul Hassan Tripti were among others present.

Mannan Bhuiyan said the country averted a civil war through promulgation of state of emergency on January 11. This has unveiled masks of many political leaders.

President of Dhaka City BNP Mayor Sadek Hossain Khoka termed Mannan Bhuiyan and Ashraf Hossain's expulsion as unilateral and said it again proved the fact that the BNP needs reforms. "This (expulsion) has pushed the party to split," he said.

Mayor Khoka, however, said the BNP must get united and leaders must work together to free Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia.

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