Monday, September 3, 2007

Congrats to Army Chief General Moeen

Yes, Army Chief General Moeen has reasons to be happy today. Today, he's won huge endorsement from corrupted and jailed Barrister Nazmul Huda. Mr. Huda has graciously appreciated Army's kindness to let him make this political declaration from Jail. If this kind of endorsement continues, General Moeen will ultimately feel obligated to honor public requests from corrupted criminals, prostitute politicians, and so on. Congrats to General Moeen!!!
Huda says army chief should handpick president

Dhaka, Sept 2 ( – Former minister Nazmul Huda, jailed on corruption charges, has proposed an amendment to the constitution to give the army chief powers to appoint the president and urged a national dialogue on the issue.

Huda Sunday appeared in the hearing of a corruption case against him at the Special Judge's Court-5, sited in the Jatiya Sangsad premises, and put the proposal in writing.

Huda's lawyer Nahida Anjum Kona made available to reporters copies of the proposal, handwritten and signed by Huda.

In the six-page proposal, he said: "I think if this formula is implemented peace will permanently prevail in the country. Our army will be able to make valuable contribution in times of national need without any formality or excuse to resolve the crisis."

"From the experiences the country has had, it clearly seems that a civilian president has to work as per the command of the army chief although the president is the supreme commander of the armed forces in line with the constitution," said Huda, a vice president of the BNP.

"It creates misunderstandings between the army and the administration, judiciary and politicians, which push the country towards a crisis."

Huda referred to his resignation from the cabinet proposing a non-party caretaker government system in 1991, later his recipe for reform to the election laws and introduction of voter ID cards.

"I will definitely speak. Wherever I am, I will speak for the sake of the country. I can be detained on false allegations of corruption or can be disqualified from running in elections, but my voice cannot be muffled."

He trumpeted the introduction of environmentally-friendly CNG autorickshaws, construction of bridges and flyovers, free flow of information and other activities during his terms as information and communications minister.

He criticised the "naked and shameful" activities of two diplomats in the internal affairs of the country without taking names.

"If I called one of the diplomats stupid because of interference in our internal affairs, I did so—guided by my love for the country. Now I suffer every bit of the brunt of their power," he said.

Huda was jailed on Aug 27 for seven years in a bribe case. hours

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