Monday, September 3, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Khaleda Arrested

Read this breaking news from bdnews24. Finally, the former Prime Minister of Bangladesh, the mother of all corruption, has been arrested by the army backed care taker government. They're now trying to balance their action by arresting Khaleda Zia. Now, they can move to use their hand picked corrupt politicians to bring them into power through the upcoming election. Let's see how this sensational army run drama unfolds in Bangladesh:

Dhaka, Sept 3 ( – Security officials are battling chaos in front of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate's Court for Dhaka as Khaleda Zia has arrived after arrest early Monday.

The former prime minister and Coco were arrested shortly after 7:30am.

Khaleda and Coco were given chairs to sit on in the courtroom. Khaleda arrived in court in sari and sunglasses and Coco was in jeans and T-shirt.

The embattled former prime minister was driven away from her cantonment home to court in a Nissan Patrol car (Dhaka Metro Gha: 02-3327) in a security bubble. Coco was in a different car.

The move came hours after the Anticorruption Commission filed a corruption case against 13 people, including the former prime minister and the younger son.

Lawyers defending Khaleda and her son in court are Abdul Wadud Bhuiyan, Sanaullah Miah, Masud Ahmed Talukder, Lutfe Alam and Khorshed Alam.

Prosecution officer Abdur Rashid will represent the ACC in court

Police and RAB officers and intelligence agents swarmed the road to the Shaheed Mainul Road residence of the BNP chief.

Security officers put in place a huge security arrangement on the road to the CMM's Court, but a huge crowd seemed to have stretched it.

Earlier in an exclusive phone interview with a couple of hours before the arrest, Khaleda said: "I'm not afraid of arrest. People are with me. The case against me is false."

Khaleda faces allegations of having a role in shady appointment of a private handling company, Global Agro Trade Company as a contractor for the Inland Container Depot in Kamalapur and Chittagong Port Container Terminal.

The ACC alleged that Khaleda used her influence illegally as prime minister in the appointment of the contractor.

In the build-up to the arrest, scores of security officers in plainclothes drove into Dhaka cantonment before dawn, as the arrest of the BNP chairperson loomed in the horizon.

Plainclothes officers arrived at the house at around 5:15am and asked Khaleda and Coco to "get ready" in a clear indication of arrest, house staffer Ruhul Amin told at 5:40am.

At least 10 cars in the first batch drove into the cantonment shortly after 5am, followed by another convoy of up to 25 cars, witnesses reported from the scene.

In the rare interview with, Khaleda said: "Against the BNP, there was a conspiracy in the past. Still there is. I hope BNP leaders and workers stay united."

"I worked for people all my life. I'm passing the burden of justice to people as well. Please pray for me," Khaleda told by phone from home. hours

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