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The Cartoonist exposed the hypocrisy

The cartoon controversy is now rocking Bangladesh. Though the cartoon used Prophet Mohammad's name, it did not appear to be offensive as much as it's claimed by the religious groups. The Government quickly took the cartoonist Arifur Rahman into custody to quell the outrage of the muslim fundamentalist groups. The cartoonist didn't have the slightest idea that his innoncent cartoon could spark this amount of outrage. International Herald Tribune reports,

"Bangladeshi authorities Tuesday arrested a cartoonist after drawings that Muslims said insulted their religion were published in a national newspaper, police and the government said.

A Home Ministry statement said Arifur Rahman's sketches — titled "Name" — that came out Monday in a weekly supplement of the Prothom Alo — "hurt the religious sentiments of the people."

Police detectives picked up Rahman from his house in the capital, Dhaka, after the home ministry ordered his arrest, Janey Alam, a police officer at Tejgaon police station said.

Rahman was yet to be formally charged, Alam said, adding that he was arrested under a stringent law that allows detention without any specific charges.

Bangladesh, a Muslim-majority nation, has no specific blasphemy laws. But offenders can be prosecuted for hurting religious or public sentiments..."

The poor cartoonist has done one thing really good that he has really exposed the hypocrisy of the muslim fundamentalist groups in Bangladesh. The last sentence of his 3-line long cartoon has hardly damaged the honor of the Prophet Mohammad compared to what Jamaat-e-Islamis' spiritual leader Moududi has written about the Prophent Mohammad (PBUH). Yet, Moududi's fundamentalist and offensive books won't be banned in Bangladesh. If we've not lost our sanity, we should leave the poor Cartoonist alone and forgive him for his innocent art work when shrewed fundamentalist Moududi's offensive books are in full circulation. Read the excerpt from "Jamat Unmasked" published in Adda's blog on November 16, 2005,
Moududi has made many audacious comments about prophets, followers of prophets, Imams and Muslim scholars. We are mentioning here a few extracts as instances from his different write-ups.

All Imams and Islamic scholars entertain same view about the innocence of prophets. But only Moududi expresses different view while sing, “to be innocent is not a natural virtue for the prophets. Rather Allah has strategically kept them safe from faults and deviation in order to enable them to correctly perform the responsibility of prophet-hood. Had the protection of Allah been revoked from them for a movement, the might have fallen into errors like ordinary men. Here is a subtle issue that, the Almighty Allah withdrew his protection at some times or other times, from ever prophet, allowing him to indulge in one or two sins, so that men do not identify the prophets with Allah and understand that they are also ver much human beings. “ (Tafhimat, part II, Page 43---Moududi).

Such comment of Moududi does not admit of any explanation. It is ver clear. He has expressed absolute wrong and discarded ideas in the name of Islam. He has displayed the audacity of staining the innocent character of different prophets in his bid to justify such comments. Asregards Hazarat Musa (pbuh), Moududi has said, “Before becoming a prophet, Hazarat Musa (pbuh) committed a big sin. He killed a man.” (Rasaal and Masael, Part I pgae 31-Moududi).

While interpreting an ayaat of the Holy Quran, Mr. Moududi said about Hazrat Ibrahim (A…), “Here arises another question that, on watching the star when Hazrat Ibrahim (A…) said, ‘it is m Lord’ and when watching the Sun and the Moon designated those as his Lord, then did not he subject himself to the shirak (sin of comparing with God) temporarily?” (Tafhimul Quran, Part I, P-558).

Mr. Moududi has said about Hazrat Yunus (A…) in his tafsir, “It clearly appears from a detailed analysis of the indications in the Holy Quran and the book of Yunus--- (Sahifa) that Hazrat Yunus had little lapses or negligence in discharging the responsibility of prophet hood. Probably, he became impatient and left the residence before the right time.” (ibid, Sura Yunus).

Here Mr. Moududi has charged three accusations upon Hazrat Yunus (A…). First, he neglected to discharge the responsibility of prophet hood. Secondly, he became impatient and left the residence before the time fixed by Allah. Thirdly, he did not fulfil the evidence (Huzzat) of Allah to his own community.

Mr. Moududi has compared Hazrat Yusuf (A…) with the heated dictator of the twentieth century Mussolini. He has equaled the status of Hazrat Yusuf (A…) to that of Musolini. He said, “Yusuf’s (A…) claim was not merely restricted to the prayer for the portfolio of the Ministry of Finance, as deemed by some people. That was rather for gaining the dictatorship. As a result, the status that Hazrat Yusuf (A…) achieved, was rather similar to that of the Musolini of this day.” (Tafhimat, part II, P-112).

Mr. Moududi has said about Hazrat Daud (A..), “It naturally establishes that, the deed that was done by him (HazratDaud) had somewhat the influence of his evil inclination. That also had some link to his inconsistent manner as a ruler. And that was such a deed, as was unbecoming of an upright ruler.” (Tafhimul Quran, Part IV, P-227).

Allah has stated with significance in the Holy Quran about his favour to Hazrat Daud (A..). Allah has highly praised Hazrat Daud (A..). But Mr. Moududi had shown the audacit to comment on this prophet of great honour so as to say that he (Daud), was influenced by evil propensity, and misused power. No conscientious man can help being surprised to see such discarded thoughts of Mr. Moududi.

Moududi has also criticized the Great Prophet (pbuh) in his different write-ups and has made audacious remarks about him. In the contest of discussion about Hadiths relating to Dazzal, he said, “The speeches that have been stated in the Hadith from Hazrat in this connection, were mainly his deductions (Quias). He himself was skeptic about those. He said all that not on the basis of revelations, but on surmises.” (Rasyel and Masayel, P-55-56).

Mr. Moududi has said about Hadith of Great Prophet (pbuh), “Hadith has been handed down from man to man in oral tradition. Those can at best be surmised as correct, but can not be strongly believed. And it is clear that, Allah do not like endangering people by depending on descriptions of a few people about important matters of the religion of Allah that differentiate between the believers and non-believers.” (ibid, P. 67).

Mr. Moududi has said about evaluation of the Holy Quran, “The Quran karim is enough for guidance, but not for salvation.” (Tafhimat, Part I, P-312)

From the angle of Islam, temporal wellbeing and salvation of the life hereafter is the only objective of adopting guidance or the right path. In view of Mr. Moududi, ‘The Holy Quran is sufficient for guidance, but not for salvation.’ What an audacious remark about the Holy Book of Allah! Question naturally arises from such peculiar comments of him, should then human beings follow another religious book for salvation? Are those the write-ups of Moududi? Probably he intends to mea that tactfully, though he does not dare to say that straightway.

The Status of Sahabas (followers) are after the that of prophets. The Great Prophet (pbuh) has said about them, My sahabas are like the stars. Whomsoever of them your follow, you will gain the right path.” Whereas the sahabas, praised by the Great Prophet, have not been exempted from the criticism of Moulana Moududi. He has said about them, “After the teaching and guidance of the long time, the Prophet (pbuh) used to bring them to the battle field. Though the great revolution was depicted in their mind and mentality, the sahabas used to commit mistakes repeatedly in understanding the basic significance of Jeehad (Holy War).” (Tarzamanul Quran, Rabiussani, 1357H.).

Mr. Moududi has said about the sahabas, “Many of the sahabas have described hadiths as the feel like.” (Tarzamanul Quran, 35th (edition).

“Bad habits of the era of ignorance were repeated in sahabas.” (Tafhimat, Part II, P-155).

“Sometimes mental weakness also used to prevail over the sahabas. They used to attack and abuse each other.” (Tarzamanual Quran, 3rd edition).

Mr. Moududi has written about the first Caliph of Islam Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.), “Islam has commanded man not to be influenced by passions. It is aver delicate mater. Once, a man free from passions like Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique, and fearful of and devoted to Allah, also failed to fulfil that.” (ibid).

In the same edition of Tarzamanul Quran, Mr. Moududi has said about Hazrat Omar (R.), “The world used to bow down head before the each High, and each spiritually elevated person was used to be considered at some higher position than commoners. Sometimes, the path of abolition of the influence of such impression would become clear---, Probably, such impression of individual supremacy subdued Hazrat Omar for sometime at the time of death of the Prophet of Allah.” (ibid).

In context of the description of onslaught by the Jaheliat (the ignorant) on the Calipath of the four Caliphs, Mr. Moududi has said criticizing Hazrat Osman, “On the one hand the job was becoming increasingly harder because of the fast expansion of the Islamic State, on the other hand, Hazrat Osman, in whom was reposed the load of this tough job, was not in possession of that much capability and traits as his predecessors had. As a result of that, the Jaheiat could make way to penetrate into the Islamic social system.” (Tazdid and Ahiyae Deen, P-33).

When revenge was demanded against the assassination of Hazrat Osman (R.), Hazrat Ali (R.) the fourth Caliph said addressing the people of Maiabia, “Now the situation is out of control. This assassination will certainly be avenged in right time. But Mr. Doududi has said criticizing these words of Hazrat Ali (R.), “Do justice, had you been Maiabia, or had not been Maiabia, but an ordinary citizen of Syria, would you, in the context of stated background, consider such words of Hazrat Ali as honestly intended, than being only a pretext, hesitation hoax and denial?"”(Tazalli, December, 1957).

The reaction from muslim scholars are obviously considering Jamaat and it's religious leader Moududi's idea to be misguided. As the book documents, It has been said in a fatwa of Olema Keram of Dewband, “The relationship that should be maintained with Sahaba Keram and Imam-Mujtahid in order to keep linkage with relation, is hampered by the books and booklets of Jamat. And it is certainly harmful for the religion of the Muslims. It is why the movement-Jamat, based upon the books of Moududi is considered by us as fallacious and harmful for the Muslims. For that reason we declare total termination of relationship with all that. (Du’Masale, P-16).

In another fatwa awarded by Hazrat Moulana Syed Mahadi Hasan, the Chief Mufti of Darul Ulum Dewband it was said about Jamat that, “Muslims should never participate in this movement. It is life-destroying venom for them. People will have to be desisted from participating in this movement. Otherwise they will become Gomorrah. It is harmful for them instead of their wellbeing. It is not at all Jayej (permissible) to participate in such movement from the standpoint of Shariyat. One who furthers the aims and objectives of the Jamat, commits sins instead of virtues. He can not keep himself safe from its harmfl effects. And he invites man to sins. If any Imam of any mosque in a member of the Jamat of Moududi, performing priers behind him will be makrul.” (Jamate Islami Ka Rukeh Kerder, P-168).

Harzrat Moulana Mohammad Yusuf, son and successor of Hazrat Moulana Ilias, the founder of Tablig Jamat, has said in the context of discussion with a few members of the Jamat of Moududi, “The Jamat of Moududi is a party of political and power greed. The expect such things which are not permissive in the see of the shariat.” (Jamate Islami Ka Ruken Kerder, pp. 41-42).

Hazrat Moulana Mostafa Khan Saheb Berelbi and Moulana Sayed Afzal Hossain Mufti, Darul Ulum Manzarul Islam Berelbi, renowned religious scholars of the Berelbi Thoughts, awarded a fatwa about the Jamat of Moududi and his thoughts. In that fatwa, they said, “Basically, the movement of Moududi is nothing but finding faults with Islam, creation of rifts among the Muslims, and kufri and kafri.” He makes different meanings of Islam. He does not consider the common muslims as muslims.” (Fetnaye Mouddiat, p.58).

Moulana Syed Mohammad Rezwan, another renowned religious scholar of Berelavi Thoughts, has said about Moududi, “on reading different quotations of Moulana Moududi, I have reached this opinion that his head is full of discourtesy and insolence towards the universally respected scholars and Ambia keram. M appeal to world Muslims, be aware of his faith and thoughts-ideas. Prophet (pbuh) has said, ‘Before the appearance of the real Dazzal, thirty more Dazzals will appear in order to make his path clear.’ In my view, Moududi is one of them.” (Moududiat Ka Post Mortem. P.7).
Bangladesh Government has simply surrendered to the fundamentalist group on this cartoon row. As the Bangla daily has already apologized for this cartoon, they should simply leave the Cartoonist alone. The Cartoonist may not know how badly he has exposed the hypocrisy of the fundamentalist groups. If they're really concerned about the honor of the Prophet Mohammad (PBHU), they would have moved forward to ban all Moududi's publications offensive to the Prophet and Islam before they even run after a poor cartoonist. Instead, Moududi's Jamaat will be hailed as a "moderate muslim political party" that severely exposes hypocrisy of the fundamentalist religious groups.

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