Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two Tales of Two Lands

Sometimes pictures are more powerful and meaningful than words. Two stories broke out almost at the same time in Bangladesh and Burma. On the first picture, monks in Burma are protesting military rule and challenging the junta for freedom of people's will.

On the second picture, an Editor in Bangladesh apologetically surrenders to the fanatics axis emboldened by the army backed government. The CTG Adviser Barrister Moinul Hossain takes the Editor Motiur Rahman of Prothom Alo to apologize to the religious leader over an innocent cartoon row. Bangladesh Watchdog frames the thought, "Well the action by the government will apparently encourage the defeated Islamists and radical Muslims to further intimidate and coerce the secular, liberals and pro-independence population of the country".

Both pictures are tragically distinct in their messages when the former wants to uphold the freedom of will, as the later one mesmerizes the fundamentalists to annihilate the freedom of will!!!

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Anonymous said...

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