Monday, September 17, 2007

Seminar on 1971 Genocide in Bangladesh

Source: Kean University, New Jersey, USA

Department of Holocaust Studies at Kean University is eager to learn more about 1971 Genocide that we suffered. To learn more about this horrific story, and to create a campus-wide awareness, Holocaust and Genocide Studies Department is arranging a seminar on 9th December 2007 (4:00 PM – 7:00 PM) at Kean's University Center theatre.

There will be a pre seminar session outside the theatre at the atrium. This pre-seminar session will showcase Bangladeshi history, food, culture and crafts. Main seminar segment will consist of some brief speeches from the university authority, a cultural segment, a small video presentation and question and answer session.

Director of the MAHGS (Masters of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies) Program, Dr. Bernard Weinstein is very interested in the seminar, and optimistic about introducing a research course within the MAHGS curriculum on Bangladesh's Genocide. Provided that there is enough support and interest from the Bangladeshi community, it is very much plausible to launch academic and scholarly research on the saddest history of our nation, and most likely the first one to be done in the United States.

We are looking forward to represent Bangladesh through this seminar. But mainly what we are looking forward to is your help – to provide as much information as we can to the program authorities on the genocide that we survived. So please get involved and show your support. If you are a survivor of the genocide, or a freedom fighter, please share your experience with us. Every word of yours is valuable.

Please spread the word, forward this email, get involved and encourage our new generation to get involved in this unique effort.

To learn more about this effort and to get updated program schedule, please visit Bangladesh Genocide Study. Please leave your comments and ideas on the Blog section.

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