Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Whom Shall I Blame?

Sometimes questions seem tougher than their answers. May be in our culture, we may not unlearn what we’ve learned over our life time which is to blame someone when we fail. As the saying goes on, the poor dancers blame their stage when they can’t dance!!! We should not expect any exception in our age old practice of blaming others. Therefore, when the Army, the CTG, and Barrister Moinul Hosein look helplessly for someone to blame, they don’t feel embarrassed at all. Price is going up, because businessmen are not cooperating with the government. Clashes with the army broke out because of foreign connections and instigation. Reasonably, blame game is the only a fair one that always helps and saves the people who are holding power.

This morning whom shall Khaleda Zia blame for loosing her kingdom? Should she blame her arch rival Awami League Leader Sheikh Hasina who’s now residing only sixty yards away from her? Should she blame her comrades? Should she blame her two sons? Should she blame Rajakar Jamatis who made her convinced as it were under their control? Now Delwar Hossain Saiydi has been in Saudi Arabia as he’s running his water store there. Qamruzzamn went to Paris for fun. Muzahid went to Turkey for fund raising trip without any trouble. Even Jamaat Leader Nizami has been in Ibne Sina hospital in and out pretending grave illness. They’re all spared as she’s suffering along with her two sons. Should she blame her husband’s colleagues who’ve abandoned her?

I kept looking for an answer for her as I wanted to break the cycle of blame game that victims have religiously played out all these years. Yes, I’ve found one and only answer for her. It was her Greed that made her blind that plunged this country into chaos.

As Lalon says:
“From greed comes sin,
from sin death;
do you not know this”?

As Lalon continues..
Whom shall I blame?
Through my own fault
I have fallen into trouble.”

So, stop blaming others and their mothers. Madam Khaleda may not hear Lalon’s axiom right at this moment. May be the others will hear who are now holding power and are playing the same old blame game.

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