Friday, September 14, 2007

When Professors meet Generals

A delegate of Dhaka University Professors and Administrators met the Army Chief of General Staff General Jamali and the Deputy Chief of Army Intelligence DGFI to request leniency for their colleagues. Daily Star reports,
A DU delegation of about 20 members led by Vice Chancellor (VC) Prof SMA Faiz held a meeting with Maj Gen Jamali at a city restaurant yesterday. DGFI director general and seven army high officials were also present.

Two teachers, who were present at the meeting quoting Maj Gen Jamali said that he told the DU delegation that none is above the law. Next course of actions will be taken against the detained teachers and charge-sheeted students according to law after investigation, he told the teachers.

Pro-VC Prof AFM Yusuf Haider, Treasurer Prof Syed Abul Kalam Azad, former Dhaka University Teachers' Association (Duta) president Prof AAMS Arefin Siddique, former Duta general secretary Prof Dr Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman, DU Syndicate members Prof Sadeka Halim, Dr Rahmatullah, Deans of different faculties, representatives of the Syndicate and the Duta comprised the DU delegation.

Prof Akhtaruzzaman said that an open discussion over the whole university situation was held in a warm environment.

Maj Gen Jamali also assured the teachers that the law-enforcement agencies would extend full cooperation to the university authorities after it reopens to maintain congenial academic atmosphere, Prof Sadeka Halim said.

As the teachers complained about some posts on a military website that is embarrassing for the university, Maj Gen Jamali assured them of looking into it.

The university authorities are scheduled to sit with the chief adviser on October 16 to discuss the university issues.
When Dhaka University will open next month, students won’t simply be quiet about the incidents of brutality and detention of their classmates and professors. Bangladesh Army may have forgotten about the glorious sacrifice of the students and professors for democracy and freedom in this land, but the students have not. Army can always exercise their power and authority of forces over the civilians. Their side of story, super authority and unchecked force won’t choke the student-public free will and consciousness. Bangladesh will ultimately manage its freedom from the shackle of the arrogant Generals who have been polluting politics and democracy over the years. It won’t be a surprise should the current demand for political reform end up to military reform in Bangladesh. Indeed, we need an overhauling reform in the armed forces if democracy needs to sustain and flourish in Bangladesh.

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