Friday, September 14, 2007

Two Rab Personnel Beaten

It doesn't look like that this mishap took place due to any well planned conspiracy. Elite Rapid Action Batalion forces members had minor road accident. RAB Officers took law into their hand. Too confident RAB officers showed their arrogance as they tortured a civilian who involved into the raod accident. So, the public had to come forward to rescue this poor civilian. Read the rest from the New Nation:
"An angry mob beat up two members of the elite Rapid Action Batalion (RAB) for torturing a garments businessman at the city's Mirpur under Kafrul thana yesterday morning.

All the RAB members and the businessman were admited to the Casualty Unit of the Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH).

DMCH sources said the condition of businessman Ali Huq, who is an ex-footballer and the owner of garments factory Royal Bangla Design Ltd, was stated to be critical as his left hand was broken due to the RAB torture and eight stitches were given him at his backside and head.

The injured RAB members were identified as ASI Kamran, 30, and Deputy Assistant Director (DAD) Safayet Hossain, 30, of RAB-4.

Witnesses said that as the motorbikes of RAB members' and Ali Huq collided, near the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) office at about 11 am, Ali Haq locked in an altercation with the RAB members over the incident

At one stage, the RAB members beat up Ali Haq, who was going to shopping along with his 4-year-old son Shahed, by iron rods. Witnessing the incident, the local people got infuriated and beat up the plain clothes RAB members Kamran and Safayet, witnesses said.

Meanwhile, other RAB members also rushed to the spot and joined their colleagues.

Sub-Inspector Faruq Hossain of Kafrul thana admited the incident and said, "We heard the incident but none come to file any case."

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