Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Arrest is not for political balance

Bdnews reports Law Advisor Mainul Hossain's claim that Khaleda Zia's arrest is not for political balance. May be, he can not read between lines as he's totally programmed by the military briefing. Bangladesh army is trying to restore its public image that was severely knocked down by recent pictures of public-student protests and uprisings. Finally, it's trying to reappear as a fair and balanced force in its practice as it's quickly running out of time and options for the scheduled election next year.
Dhaka, Sept 3 (bdnews24.com)— Law and information adviser Mainul Hosein Monday said former prime ministers Khaleda Zia and Sheikh Hasina had not been arrested for the sake of striking a political balance.

"...The government has no enmity with anyone," Mainul said at a crowded press briefing in his office in the afternoon.

On the BNP chief's arrest in the morning, Mainul said: "The government's anti-corruption drive is going ahead with an open mind." "

It took some time to file the cases against the two former prime ministers as the allegations brought against them were thoroughly scrutinised. Because of this, the government has had to face a lot of criticism."

"However, it is a fact that the cases were not filed merely to ensure 'balance'," Mainul stressed.

"After filing of the cases, both leaders were produced in court with all the respect due to them. We have no conflict or enmity with anyone."

Asked why no actions were being taken against BNP 'reformists' Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan and leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami, Mainul replied: "The charges are not being brought against leaders on the basis of who belongs to which party."

"The government also cannot investigate corruption charges against every suspect. We cannot rightly say who will be indicted or not," said Mainul.

"However, it is important to see if those that have been accused are receiving justice or not," he added.

The adviser said said indoor politics on a limited scale was now taking place spontaneously in the country. After the recent unrest at Dhaka University, he said, the government was now more confident about dealing with the issue.

"There is no real bar at present to indoor politics. In fact, indoor politics is continuing."

"But it is being practised under a certain framework outlined by the government. Following the recent unrest at Dhaka University, the government became more confident.

"The government is indeed considering whether the ban on indoor politics can be lifted or not. It is time that the government reconsiders its decisions on this."

He also said allegations brought against Khaleda were specific. "Through Khaleda Zia's arrest, the government proved that it is completely neutral and unbiased in bringing corruption charges against accused persons."

"However," Mainul said, "The court will decide who is guilty and who is innocent."

"The main objective of the government is to ensure accountability and honesty of the politicians by enforcing laws. You all have noticed how corruption and looting took place in the past when this was not ensured."

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