Saturday, September 15, 2007

Restoring Army backed CTG’s Image

Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed is desperately trying to salvage the image of his army backed government. The Army-backed Caretaker government is increasingly facing scrutiny of national and international observers around all the political developments in Bangladesh as it is widely believed that their actions have not been even handed, fair and transparent.

During the recent interview with the BBC Bangla,
he dismissed,“the notion that the country is placed under a dual rule and said he does not perceive any political role of the armed forces..."I do not feel existence of dual rule… the army is assisting the civil government and playing an important role in curbing corruption, improving law and order, distributing flood relief. I do not see the reflection of their political role through these activities," he said in an interview with BBC Bangla Service yesterday”.
We could welcome his statement had all the happenings in Bangladesh validated his claim.

Current political reforms have suffered severe blow as we’re continuously watching the Army is backing certain known political faces to advance their political agenda and platform when the rest has been cowed down due to political ban. Even the corruption charges are not brought to all the bad apples as some are needed to be spared for next go round. It is really pitiful when the military backed government has starkly spared fundamentalist Jamaat leaders on some severe charges to use them for next go round. Following the recent incident in Dhaka University, the Army has arrogantly crossed its boundary when they embarked on revenge spree to charge and torture students, teachers, journalists and civilians. Undoubtedly, the current regime has completely destructed the justice system in Bangladesh as it’s fully run by fear and retribution.

The army backed CTG is trying to restore the distorted image of its government as many developments are taking place in political and diplomatic arena. Dr. Fakhruddin is visiting the United Nations later this month when he will face both diplomatic and media inquiries about his government’s action for democratic transition. United States has recently appointed James F. Moriarty as the US Ambassador in Bangladesh who is supposed to be reporting next month. Bangladesh is under the radar as the recent congressional hearing specifically expressed concern about its democratic transition.

US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs John Anthony Gastright, Jr is coming to Dhaka next week on a three-day official visit apparently to observe the political situation in Bangladesh. Diplomatic circles in Dhaka are considering the visit of Gastright very important, as he will be meeting the government, civil society and high military officials to know about the latest situation in the country and progress towards implementation of the election roadmap announced by the caretaker government. European Parliament has recently adopted a resolution on Bangladesh that urged “the Caretaker Government to act in accordance with the rule of law and to speed up the restoration of democracy”.

The current CTG is the direct result of the people’s demand to bring democracy through a free, fair and transparent election process. Should the army-backed CTG fail to honor people’s long cherished desire and demand for a democratically elected government, it will plunge the country once aging into another political crisis and instability. Will the Army back down from playing dirty political games behind the scene when the people are going to choose their leaders in the next election?

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