Monday, August 20, 2007

Breaking News: Army in Dhaka University

(Courtesy of BDNews24)
Dhaka University is a very sensitive position as students have always stood against the military regimes. We're not sure why Army has to open camps in Dhaka University Campus and to be intimidating towards students. Now, students are demanding Army's immediate pull out from its campus. Five children have been wounded in Army's beatings. Please follow this report from BDnews:

Dhaka, Aug 20 ( - Dhaka University students Monday demanded withdrawal of the army camp from the campus after troops injured at least five students in beatings.

The troops swung into action after students demanded public apology from an army man for verbally abusing a student when they were watching a football match in the DU playground, witnesses said.

A correspondent was a witness to the incident.

Police stepped in later and beat students when they took out a procession to press their demand for army pullout.

The injured students were taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

The incident appeared to be an irony. The same day, Dhaka University and the National Defence College held a discussion on how to improve the army's relations with civilians.

Acting vice-chancellor for DU AFM Yusuf Haider told that he had held a meeting with army officers after the incident.

He said the army officers regretted the incident. hours

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