Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Evil Forces in the Mind of Gen. Moeen

A wrath to Democracy
Source: Jagorook Bangalee

The de facto chief of present government in jungle fatigue General Moeen in his first sermon at Shariatpur, since the popular student public massive uprise, has postulated conspiracy theory and invented hands of ‘evil force’ behind the mass protest who intended to destabilize the present government. This vocabulary is not unknown to Bangalees who heard or read about Generals Ayub, Yahya, Zia and Ershad, the killers of democracy and ushers of martial law.

My first question, what are you doing in Shariatpur? Was it a relief operation or a political blitz? If it is apolitical, have you trespassed law and service code and are you treating the state as your own property? If it is humanitarian, can we demand the account; how much money spent for your flight to Shariatpur and for your security and reception versus the worth of your relief operation (in monetary scale)?

Mr General, life will not always be a bed of roses or like a honeymoon flight as it appears now. You have to reply all these questions sooner or later to the public. I have been receiving information from Bangladesh everyday. The style of raiding and breaking doors of civilian homes can be aptly described as “71 revisited”. I urge public to escalate all these barbaric incidents and knock the door of legal system nationally and internationally. While the government has sued 87000 individuals, public must sue this government for atrocities inflicted on each individual. Barrister Amiruls and Rokonuddins have cowardly surrendered to this government, but there are thousands of patriotic lawyers who will fight for the cause of distressed ones in every corridor of law and justice.

Now Mr. Moeen, let us talk about your spitting venom “evil forces tried to destabilize present government”, I have concurrence with your view. And at the end of this discussion you will see as I can see you are spitting venom vertically up in the air and your venom is likely falling back right on your head. That is the undeniable law of gravity. The only mandate of this Interim Government was to hold a viable election at the shortest possible time. They expanded their agenda and touched a very vital and critical issue ‘fight corruption’ which instantly swept the Government to the pinnacle of popularity. General Mashhud after assuming the position of chief of ACC went to Pakistan ironically to get trained on how to fight corruption. Public believed that Pakistan as the regional trail blazer could train best on ‘how to perpetuate martial law’ and least scope to learn anti-corruption from them. Public shrugged off scepticism and were clapping the holy warriors who were sending Czars and knights of corruption behind the bar. But public scepticism about the intention of the Interim Government started crystallizing when co-brother of General Mashhud, Major Eskander along with full family flew out of Dhaka, Queen mother of all corruption remains free, unscathed along with her one star-corrupt prince, brother Shamim, nephews etc. The main architects, who turned politics dysfunctional through corruption, terror and confrontation, were the chief of DGFI and few other Generals. They are enjoying life after mission accomplished, immune to the wrath of ACC or the holy war of the Government. Finally people opened their eyes in total disbelief seeing that old familiar hand again slowly extending it’s lethal fingers to strangulate the democratic political system of Bangladesh. This is the hand of Marshal Ayub Khan who branded Sheikh Mujib as ‘traitor’, corrupt and agent of foreign force. This is the hand of General Yahya who termed Mujib as ‘obstinate’. This is the blood soaked hand of General Zia who collaborated in killing of Mujib to make politics difficult for politicians and to turn Bangladesh into a Pakistan’s satellite . This is the slimy hand of General Ershad who has finally buried morality, decency and the spirit of liberation war. Mr Moeen U, now you are controlling this government with strings. If this government fails, general people will loose democracy. Then you will grab the throne as martial king III surrounded by your military henchmen and civilian pet dogs like Mainul. Therefore using principle of simple mathematics, martial law will come, you will win, democracy will retreat, people will be defeated. For how long, it will be yet to see. Therefore the question, who is the evil force to destabilize this government. Is it the public who sacrifice their blood flesh and souls to pull the chariot of democracy through the ups and downs of our history, or is it parasitical power-hungry leech which does not survive in democracy, to the contrary breeds and thrives in darkness of garrison, in swamp of corruption and intimately with fundamentalism. Now my friend, put your hand on your head. You will certainly find the venom of ‘evil force’ nesting there.

A friendly warning to you, millions of Venezuelans cordoned the cantonments and frustrated a military take over in Venezuela in 2002. I can see that percolation in public sentiment today. Your prisons will have no space and so will be your silky routes to Ganabhaban, swarmed by the millions. Then my friend Moeen, will you be able to take a U turn!!

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