Friday, August 24, 2007

Dr. Anwar Hossain's Interview

Dhaka University Professor Dr. Anwar Hossain was arrested last night by the army. Before that, he gave this interview with the Voice of American. VOA reports:
Professor Anwar Hossain, General Secretary of Dhaka University Teachers’ Association analyzes the reasons for a sudden outbursts of anger across Bangladesh which began after a row between Dhaka University students and some army personnel. It is accused that the army personnel beat up some students resulting in violent protests in all big cities of Bangladesh.

Dr Hossain, who is the Professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Micro-Biology insists on an early election in Bangladesh which he believes could bring in peace and stability in the country. He criticizes the present caretaker government for inconsistency within the government and the failure to control price.

In an exclusive interview with VOA, Dr Anwar Hossain claims that the price hike, loss of job, lack of neutrality in government activities and skepticism about government’s sincerity to hold election are the main reasons behind the outbursts. He accuses the government of having duel policy and discriminating Sheikh Hasina against Khaleda Zia. He emphasizes on an early election in Bangladesh.
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