Monday, August 27, 2007

Joseph Crowley Called Authority for Normalcy

Source: Daily Star
August 26, 2007

US Congressman Joseph Crowley, co-chair and founder of the Bangladesh Caucus, has called on the authorities in Bangladesh to allow students to return to their institutions and to refrain from detaining faculty members and professors at universities.

Crowley, member of the US House Committee on Foreign Affairs, in a statement in New York said, "As calm is restored throughout Bangladesh, I urge authorities of the caretaker government to take appropriate steps in allowing life for the Bangladeshi people to resume a sense of normalcy."

He said: "Students should not have to face any obstacles imposed by the authorities in attending university, and professors should not be unnecessarily detained."

The US congressman also called on the authorities "to refrain from any wide scale crackdown and arrests at educational institutions throughout Bangladesh".

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