Friday, August 24, 2007

Cosiness with Burma

Bangladesh is going to welcome the second most powerful leader from Burma General Maung Aye in the next month. May be Bangladesh Army wants to learn strategies from Burmese junta. Recently, Bangladesh has appointed Major General Abu Roshde Rokonudda as an Ambassador to Burma ignoring scores of caeer diplomats for the position. Sending a Bangladeshi General to Burma is a wrong message that ignores international will for a democratic Burma. Bangladesh may have valid economic interests in diplomatic relations with Burma which should not be at the cost of democratic movement of Burmeese civilians. Read this news from Narinjara Online News:
Dhaka: Bangladesh senior officials are preparing a common strategy for the upcoming visit of Burma's second most powerful leader, General Maung Aye, in September, states a press report.

The strategy preparation was decided by Bangladesh senior officials in an inter-ministerial meeting on foreign affairs in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on 22 August.

In the meeting, Bangladesh Foreign Affairs Adviser, Iftekhar Ahmed, served as chair; Foreign Secretary Touhid Hosain was also present.

Iftekhar Ahmed expressed during the meeting that Dhaka-Rangoon bilateral ties would be widening and deepening further in the days to come, according to the report.

Senior General Maung Aye is scheduled to arrive in Dhaka on 10 September for his three-day visit to Bangladesh.

Recently, Bangladesh and Burma have both been facing social unrest. Bangladesh imposed a curfew for an indefinite period from 21 August amid escalating student unrest across the country.

Burma is facing protest demonstrations in Rangoon after fuel prices were doubled by military authorities in last week. At least 30 people, including 13 prominent student leaders, have been detained since the protests began

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