Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Violence in Bangladesh

(courtesy of: Daily Star)
1. Dhaka University (DU) students paint graffiti at TSC intersection on the campus yesterday demanding removal of police and army from the campus. 2. Students vandalise an army vehicle near Shahbagh intersection. 3. DU female students bring out a procession in front of Rokeya Hall demanding withdrawal of the army from the campus 4. Riot police and students of Dhaka University clash in front of Rokeya Hall yesterday on the second day of confrontation between them. 5. A student attacks an army man at Shahbagh. 6. An army vehicle burns at Shahbagh intersection. 7. A riot police fires a teargas canister from an armoured personnel carrier at demonstrating students near Dhaka College. 8. A pedestrian tries to get up after being injured in police-students clashes at Shahbagh. Photo: STAR

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