Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Glowing Achievements of Military Government

(Courtesy: Engr. Shafiq Bhuiyan at Chetona 71)
Have you seen all the changes that are going on? When Advisor M. A. Matin is boasting for the Army backed Caretaker government’s achievement for last six month, what did they really do for the country? Yes, they:

  • Changed the name of the only & latest modern Bangladesh Navy frigate, BNS Bangabandhu & re-commissioned that as BNS Khalid bin Walid
  • Changed the name of the "Bangabandhu Setu" to "Bangladesh Setu"
  • They have seized/stopped the bank account of internationally reputed scientist & now seriously sick Dr. Wajed Mia, how he will continue his treatment, as they also seized account of his wife, son and daughter. But accounts of many MEGA corrupt BNP - Jamat - Ershad JP - LDP leaders are still open & active, what a sadist government it is!
  • They have arrested Ex - ex Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, but immediate past ex PM & "mother of all corruption" Khaleda is still free; actually she should be put behind the bar on 12th January 2007, as it was happened to Gen H M Ershad in 1991.
  • They arrested Dr. M A K Alamgir, but not lodged any case against most corrupt (financially), many news about his corruption are published in many newspaper and he is also politically corrupt, who once told " KHOTHAKAR KON NAZRUL?" when BNP-Jamaat Govt changed the name of the "Sayed Nazrul Islam Bridge" over the Meghna river at Bhairab and he named many bridge & educational institute in his & his wife's name) Minister Saifur Rahman.
  • They have arrested Mr. Jalil (GS of AL) but patronizing and politically supporting, backing Mannan Bhuiyan (GS of BNP), Minister of most corrupt Jamat- BNP ministry, confessed by BNP leaders too.
  • They have arrested Mr. Pankaj Debonath (in very 1st stage of arrest operation of this Govt, eye wash), who was most active in the past movement against Jamat-BNP rule & General Secretary SHECHHA SEBOK League, for buying a flat in Dhaka, but thousands of much more corrupt BNP - Jamat - Ershad JP - LDP Minister - MP - Leaders are still moving freely.
  • They have not arrested Khaleda's brother Maj (R) Saeed Iskandar (who is by profession corrupt & taught this to his nephews, Tarek & Koko), because he is the friend of most two powerful figure of present Bangladesh, Gen Moin & Gen Masud.
  • They have arrested overseas Awami League leaders of US, Canada, UK , who came along with Sheikh Hasina from London for so called "political activities"; actually they attend an invitation of lunch by a local Awami League leader and were chatting. But on the other hand, Khaleda Zia is doing "full scale" politics (tale conference both in Bangladesh & abroad), All "SONGSKAR BADEE" are doing normal politics, some are forming new political parties (PDP, Nilu's aprty), some are doing political press conference etc, but there is no case against them and they are not arrested too
  • In reaction of an incident (after barbaric style arrest of Sheikh Hasina), people who made protest procession, they were arrested & cases are lodged against them. But, on the other hand, some people made "victory" (against whom?) procession with police protection
  • New party (Kings Party) PDP used their party banner while distributing flood relief; others political parties are barred from using their banner.
  • They don't see the "elephant" size corruption of Jamat-BNP-Ershad-LDP Ministers, MPs, leaders (hundreds of report, incident are published in news papers since 2001), but they can easily see the "mustard seed" size corruption or some time "dream" type corruption of Awami League leaders.

Bar. Moinul - Gen Motin (once informed politically motivated, linked & related with BNP, by Motiur Rahman, editor of the Prothom Alo) and other advisers told many lies, but no " MONTOBBO PROTIBEDON" from Motiur Rahman, but he is very prompt in writing "MONTOBBO PROTIBEDON" against Sheikh Hasina.

ACC Chief feels inconvenience & embarrass to ask for the report of assets of the Advisers of this interim government (who have status of a Minister and they are merely selected, not elected by people), but he does not feel shame to ask the asset report of 'leaders of elected ministers', Ex Prime Ministers.

All Army - Civil Bureaucrats - Businessmen (mainly Jamat-BNP-Paki minded) are pure (like Paki) and all Awami League minded politicians - leaders - businessmen are most corrupt.

Brig (R) Shakhawat Hussain, a proved & convicted 'corrupt' person (BNP govt in 1991 dismissed him form his army job for wheat corruption) was selected as assistant CEC by this FERESTA govt, who declared JIHAD against corruption.

Law & order situation is deteriorating day by day. Price of essential commodity is rising day by day, no positive & effective action from this Government.

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