Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Curfew traps hundreds of thousands

Government's issued curfew that stranded thousands of people. They've also shut down mobile phone line that's casuing fear and havoc. Read this breaking news from bdnews24:

Dhaka, Aug 22 ( -- Hundreds of thousands of people walked home as the news of the curfew spread amid a flare of emergency-time violence that swept much across of the country.

The order derailed public transports. Buses stayed off the roads. Only rickshaws and some autorickshaws plied on, but they were too inadequate for thousands of passengers waiting by the side of the road to reach home before the curfew starts at 8pm Wednesday.

The government ordered all universities and colleges in divisional towns to shut indefinitely and asked students to leave dormitories by 8pm Wednesday, according to a notice.

"The curfew will continue until further notice," the government said in a statement.

The sudden order caught thousands of students off-guard. Many of them moved out of the dormitories and many stayed back as they had nowhere to go. correspondents saw hundreds of students lug their bags down the road in and out of the Dhaka University campus. hours

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