Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is it Speculation?

Is it a mere speculation? A few interesting reactions/comments at Suchinta may validate the claim/conspiracy plan speculated in the following posting. Is Justice Ruhul Amin going to be the next President as the term of the current President Iajuddin's five year term will be up next month? Read this article from Suchinta:
Shuchinta has received this information from a very confidential source. As you all know, August 26th is the fourth hearing on Sheikh Hasina’s arrest and bail. The appeals court has already ruled her arrest illegal and the implementation of this decision has been purposely delayed by framing a new charge and then deferring decision by the Supreme Court three times.

As you may also know, Iajuddin’s term as president expires in September. According to our Constitution, a president can only be elected by an elected parliament. There is absolutely no other provision for it. However, the information we have received is that General Moeen Uddin Ahmed has offered the Chief Justice of our Supreme Court, Ruhul Amin, the presidency if he rules according to Moeen’s wishes on Sheikh Hasina’s case.

This is a gross travesty of justice and the exact form of corruption that Gen. MUA rails against. We need him to stop. We want him to stop.

We have seen several years of military dictatorship and their corruption. Even when they were not in power, we have witnessed their corruption. Enough is enough.

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