Thursday, August 23, 2007

Troops beat students

Is it now Army's turn? How far will they go? The situation is worsening.
Dhaka, Aug 23 ( -- Army and BDR men raided the four upper floors of Aziz Supermarket at Shahbagh in the city Thursday looking for students.

The raid started at about 9.15am and continued through midday, witnesses said.

The army cordoned the building and knocked at every door there searching out students.

Those who could prove themselves to be jobholders were spared.

The law-enforcers took at least 100 students from different rooms and assembled them on the third floor landing of the building.

They kicked and beat them with sticks, several witnesses said.

Several injured students were later found sprawling about on the landing, unable to go up to their rooms, the witnesses reported.

The army took away 10-15 students in a red van.

One of the injured told, asking not be named for fears of further harassment, that the officer leading the raid had himself kicked the Dhaka University students.

Police took position at the building entrance while the raid was conducted. hours

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